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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Mates House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I remember the first time I had sex, it was with by best friends sister. She was only 13 years old at the time and I was 16. She wasnÆt very good looking but it was the fact that she was so young and still developing that attracted me to her. I use to go round to my mates house around 10 in the morning when it was the school holidays. We use to go and play on his computer. His sister Vikki use to come in and sit with us sometimes, and usually she had just got out of bed, so she was in her nighty still. One day she came in and obviously had forgotten to put some knickers on when she got up as she came and sat down opposite me in her nighty with her legs open and I had a clear view of her vagina. She had started puberty as I could see a few pubic hairs. She didnÆt realise that I was staring between her legs. I was sat staring for at least an hour. As soon as I saw her vagina I got an erection. Very soon my boxer shorts became very wet. I think she eventually noticed me staring at her vagina, but I sort of got the feeling that she wanted me to see it as she kept spreading her legs; she even scratched her vagina through her nighty. This really turned me on. The next morning I went round to my mates house again and when I got there Vikki said that he had just nipped out and he would be back in about 15 minutes, so she asked me if I wanted to come inside and wait so I said yes. I went in and there was no one in except Vikki. We sat down stairs watching television whilst we waited. Vikki was still in her nighty but this time she had some a sexy black thong on, I thought she is only 13 and I could also see through her nighty that she had a black bra on but she was only a 32 AA, but she was only 13 years old. I just sat there staring between her legs as I could see a few of her pubes. She noticed. She then came up to me and said will you have sex with me in a really innocent voice, I said Vikki you are only 13,she said so, please have sex with me. I said no and told her to go and sit down so she did. I sat there for a minute staring and thinking why did I say no. I got up walked over to Vikki and started rubbing her vagina through her nylon knickers. She started moaning; I thought you said no, I said well I have changed my mind. I slipped her knickers down and started to lick her vagina. She started screaming with pleasure. I then lifted up her nighty to reveal her black bra. I soon had her bra off and I was licking her little breasts but she had quite big juicy nipples for a 13 year old, she moaned shag me, so I took off my trousers and inserted my 8-inch fully erect penis into her very tight and young pussy. I slipped my penis in slowly Vikki started screaming then she started crying. I asked her if she wanted me to stop, she said no and told be to shag harder. I started to pump my penis in and out quite hard. Once she had stopped crying she started screaming and moaning with pleasure. It wasnÆt long before with both had an orgasm. I asked her if she liked it she said yes. I asked her if I could keep her thong and bra as a souvenir and she let me. Now I am 17 and she is 14 but we still have sex together. She rings me up when there is no one in and I go down to her house and shag her. She has developed quite quickly as her breasts are now a 32B and she has a lot more pubic hair and her vagina isnÆt as tight but I think thatÆs because I keep on shagging her so hard but she loves it. No one knows that this goes on as I have a girlfriend and she doesnÆt know.

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