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MoMs friend

Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Ever since I was really little i had a huge crush on my moms good friend. She is older than me by abouts or so. Well i aended up work ing with her at a company and we got pretty close. She was married and had 2 kids. i lived fairly close so when her car was wrecked I picker her up from home and took her to work with me. I would flirt and be nice and she would too. it was a friday and we had just went to the bank togetrher to put money in. the restgester told us we looked cute together. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. We both just kindad smiled. I took her hoimea nddropped her off. Im not sure where her husband was but he wasnt there. I walked her to her door and we kissed. I put my hand on her cheeks and she began to cry. I aksed her why and because she said she loved me. i kissed her again and I went into her house. Wwe began kissing again. I put a hand on her nice firm ass and she pulled me closer. She began to grind against my crotch. I puller her fleece sweater off of her and exposed her white bra with nice big breasts. I kissed each boob and began to kiss her mouth again. She slid her jeans down, as I put my hand down the back off her panties.

She got on her knees still in the door way and unzipped my pants. I had a ragging hard-on. She pulled my dick out and sucked it for a few s and stood up again. She unbuttoned my shirt and licked my chest. She got on the back of the sofa that had its back to us, and slid her panties down to her feet. I reached down and pulled them off and rubbed her blonde pussy. She put her arms around my neck and we kissed again. i pushed my dick into her pussyand she moaned slightly. I tipped her back until we both fell onto the couch together. We where missionary position. Her legs where wrapped tight around my waist. Her breasts firm against my chest. I could feel them move with every thrust. Her quiet moans made me shivver. I was about to come. We began to move quicker and quicker. She had an oragsm first then I did about 20 s later. I layed on top of her for a while longer jsut kissing her. Little beads of sweat where on her breasts as I began to lick them. I wanted to cum again so I began to fuck some more. She whispered in my ear that she wanted top. We rolled over and she rode me. i had one hand in between her boobs, and one hand on her pubic hair as she was fucking me. She got off of me and i pushe my index and middle finger in to her vagina and beagn to finger her. I stuck my dick back in and got on top. I fucked hard again. I was ready to cum. I pulled out and shot my load on her face. She wipped her face with her hand and grabbed my cock and gave a handjob andI sstuck it back in. Then I just layed on her slowly fucking for what seemed like all night. It had been almos and hour and we where both grateful.

I think Im in love with the amazing married blonde with a perfect body.

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