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Mom’s best friend

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My mom’s best friend Mrs. B is the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. She is 24 years older than me, but she is a gorgeous blonde, nice curves, beautiful tits that flow nicely against any material and well formed ass. Needless to say I was hot for her from the day I could get a hard on. Through high school I loved to gaze at her at the pool and rub up against her when ever I got the chance. When I went to college I became more nearvy with her. I remember the first time I was home from college for summer recess and she was at our house. I was very horney and got the nerve to caress her ass. She looked at me very surprised and said quietly that that was not very gentlemanly. We had a family gathering at her house the next night and I carassed her ass again. She said nothing this time. Obviously that only encouraged me. Later in the evening during a break from cards I caught her alone face to face and she smiled and said college had sure made me self confident. I winked at her and let my hands encircle her breasts and I told her she really made me hot. She pushed my hands away and as she walked by me she told me to please keep my hands to myself. I was so hot for her.

Several days later, I heard Mrs. B call mom and ask her what she was doing that night. She said her and dad were going to a movie. Needless to say I was a bit surprised to find Mrs B at the door about a half hour later. She asked if Mom was home and I said no but come on in. She did. She asked if I was home alone and I said yes. She laughed and said, with your raging hormones is it safe for me to be here alone with you. I just laughed and asked her if she wanted something to drink as my hormones started to take control again. She asked, if I help myself to some water are you going to rub my ass again. By this time I had a full erection and I followed her into the kitchen watching her roll her ass with each step. She reached up to get a glass and I placed both my hands on her ass, one on each cheek and light carressed her. She just looked back and asked if I wanted a drink too. I said yes. As she reached for the second glass, I moved both hands around to the front or her and began to caress her breasts. She put the glasses down and moved back to rub her ass against my crotch. I began to slowly hump her as I carressed her breasts. I was soooo hot. After a few moans she then turned around and said it was not nice to tease. She placed her hands on my cock and began to rub it. She immediately went for my belt and zipper and had my cock out in no time. At her first site of my cock I heard her gasp and say she never imagined i would be so huge. She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth and gave me a wonderful blow job. I started to unbutton her blouse and removed her bra to reveal the most wonderful breasts I have ever seen. I immediate shot my load into her mouth. She then pulled me by me cock to the living room couch, we both removed what was left of our clothes and she pushed me back and jumped on top and rode me wildly. She had mulitple orgasms. The site of her breats bouncing wildly and her screams of joy quickly brought me to shoot a huge load into her. She screamed with each thrust and squirt. She then got off me and layed on the floor. I was still wild for her. She saw me start to mount her again and said she had to rest for a minute. I said I wanted her again now and mounted her again. She quickly got into the rhythm with me again and after about 10 minutes I fired another load into her. After about another hour of wild fucking we were both spent. She got dressed and left before my parents got home from the movies. We still get together every chance we get. I have never cum so good as that first night.

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