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mom & me..

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: HOME....MY BEDROOM
Langauge: ENG
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I woke up late one tuesday morning, after we had closed school thinking that i was all alone like it was the previous week since our house help was on leave.
i went to the bathroom & using my old mans shaver I shaved my groin clean 4 the very 1st time, i usually used to trim the pubic hair, then took a shower.

I got back to my room & since I thought i was alone i never bothered locking the door. i went to the mirror & as I was drying myself i started looking myself on the mirror & before i knew it I was rubbing my pussy slowly.
these got me so wet that I lay on the bed, legs wide apart & started masturbating vigorously rubbing my clit……….. as the feeling intensified i started moaning out loud (i had nothing to worry about since i was “alone”?).

As I was about to come I heard my mom clear her throat as she stood by the door.

“WHAT R U DOING?” She asked. as i tried to answer she said “Ï KNOW.”
she walked in2 the room, sat on the bed & asked me for how long i had been doing it? & i told her i started when I was 13 but I was sorry & i was not going to do it again.
She told me it was oky though i should lock the door.

i asked her if she ever did it & she said sometimes & that most girls do it. mom was wearing a short skirt & a blouse.
I noticed she was not wearing any panties & I kinda stared coz she the asked What i was looking @ & b4 i answered she said i know.

“HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A BIG GIRL NAKED?”mom asked & I told her that I was the only girl I had seen naked. she then asked if I minded seeing 1 & i said i didnt.

mom stood up & started undressing…she unbuttoned her blouse then untucked revealing some firm 36C breasts & her ipples were erect. she then uzipped her skirt & she let it slide to the floor…………..i noticed she was clea shaven & her lips were wet.
she joined me on the bed and she rubbed my pussy getly b4 the went down & licked me til I had an orgasm.she then went to her soom came with a vibrator & she worked up herself until she came.

she dressed up & left Then later that evei she brought me a dildo which she taught me how to use it…..

upto 2day we hook up atleast twice a month 4 some girl on girl action.

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