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Age when it happend:

Where it happened: her bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

, she was well experienced – her
vagina smooth and soft and well opened – I thought shed probably fucked alot by the way
she moved – another time out with her she told me shed probably had about 20 guys before me –
after she told me this it kind of turned me on when we went to fuck – I knew she had felt 20
different cocks deep in her cunt – 20 different swollen cock heads spurting hot cum into her
cunt – and now she was enjoying my cock inside her cunt – ( 20 different guys times 10 fucks
apiece = 200 fucks — 20 guys time 25 fucks apiece = 500 fucks – she probably been fucked quite
a few times before me I figured but her hymen still had the large pieces of the original skin and
sharp edges on the tears – not worn down to little knubs like a whores cunt – the pieces of her hymen
almost filled her vaginal opening – when you pulled her lips apart and looked at her hole one could see
almost how her hymen had looked unbroken with a little 1/4 inch hole in it -unstretched to maybe a
1/2 inch stretched hole that would fit tight around a finger opening in the center of it – big enough for a
index finger maybe ) shed been fucking since she was 13 or 14 – fucking now for 3 to 4 years already –
her cunt was well developed – I liked fucking someone who had been fucked a lot and she had been
fucked alot and she had learned how to fuck good – her cunt had been opened up nicely to be a smooth fuck
but it was still snug around my cock – she had learned how to move her hips in time with my cock – to
give good head when she sucked my cock – she telling me about all the cocks that had been inside her
made me hot to get down and lick her cunt lips and hole -= look at them closely – and then fuck her — I
knew she had given alot of pleasure to many cocks and I wanted some for mine – she moved her hips in
time with my strokes and pumped and stroked me good – I could feel she was rubbing her clit on my cock
and it really turned me on -we fucked for 12 or 15 minutes – stop – start – stop – start – her cunt felt so
warm – so smooth – so wet – shed open her legs so I could get my balls against her asshole on the in
strokes – then id pull it out so the tip would move to her vaginal opening and then push into her deep – I
would push my cock up deep into her cunt – I wanted to touch her cervix with the tip of the head of my
cock -I didnt want to cum to quickly so at times Id slow down and pull the head to her opening – the
ridge just inside her beyond her hymen – I wanted to feel her vagina for as long as I could. Soon my balls
started to tingle and I felt the head of my cock swell even more and I felt the cum rise in my cock as I
continued to pump her. I knew she could feel I was going to cum – she probably could feel the head of my
cock swelling and getting even warmer inside her – she worked her hips into me stroking my cock with
her cunt with little up and down movements in time as I moved in and out with shorter and quicker
strokes I now wanting to keep the head of my cock deep inside her – I loved how she made it obvious
that she wanted me to cum – and to cum inside her deep – her hip movements told me – I was going to
cum right now – I thought about pulling out as I came – I didnt ask her if she was on the pill – her cunt
was feeling too good to take my cock out. I had been feeling the head of my cock swell up inside of her
vagina. I told her I was going to cum – she stopped moving her hips as much and opened up as wide as
she could – it was a signal to me she wanted me to cum deep inside her – I pushed my cock deep into her
vagina so the head of my cock was near her cervix. She held her legs wide open – her feet off the bed up
in the air and held her ass still as I came – I figured she was feeling the warmth of the swollen head of my
cock near her cervix and that it seemed like she wanted to feel my hot cum spurting inside her cunt . I
pulled my cock back a little ways out of her vagina keeping the ridge of the head inside her vagina and
shoved it back into her and held still pressing into her as she pressed into me – our hips tight together. I
knew the head of my cock was deep as it could be in her vagina and near her cervix. I knew if I came
now the cum would shot out of my cock right into her vagina next to her cervix – I thought this was great.
I felt the head of my cock sweel up big and then my cock throb three or four times as my cum spurted up
inside her vagina as she moved her hips into me with short up and down movements rubbing her clit on
the shaft of my cock up by the root as I came .- the tip of the head by was by her cervix and her clit on the
rubbing the shaft of my cock near my pubic hair – just the way it should be – I had shot my cum as deep
into her vagina as I could – as close to her cervix as I could – I wanted that white cream to coat her vagina
and cervix – then I wanted the cum to stay inside her for a moment or two so I kissed her as I laid still with
my cock deep in her vagina holding my cum inside her . After a moment or so I felt my erection go down –
my cock soften up -and I pulled my cock slowly out of her vagina or rather it slid out – her vagina being very
wet now with my cum. We sat for a minute – I knew my cum was deep inside her vagina and now probably
was starting to ooze out of her vagina on to her cunt lips what we
got when I first fucked her was just orgasms – no tearing
of her hymen – no blood – not a hole too tight to move in
and out smoothly in –

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