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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was my Junior year in high school and I was currently taking Spanish. I sat in the back row with my two friends but to our surprise, Michelle and her four other gorgeous friends sat in front of us. Michelle was a sophmore, 5’4″ 105 lb asian beauty with long slender legs and a body to die for, who constantly wore shorts and sun dresses during the school year. When I wasn’t paying attention in class, I was fantasizing want I would do with that body of hers. Finally, one day, Our Spanish teacher assigned us a group project. Michelle, turned around and asked my to be her partner for the project. After, class she invited me to her house, so we could start on the project. Boy, I was in for a surprise. It was around 4 in the afternoon when I arrived to her house. She just came back from swimming practice and only wore a sport bra and spendex shorts when she open the door. My eyes simply glanced all over her body, when she pulled me inside. She smiled and insisted we go to her room. She sat me at the end of her bed and closed her bedroom door behind her. She sat right next to me and started making out. I told her, I wanted her so badly and she said “I know”. She replied looking down on my jeans “I see your excited again”….she noticed my hardon in class. We kissed and necked each other for the next half hour when she started to rub my cock. Oh, what a feeling it was. Her small hands rubbing my cock just got me harder. Finally, I turned and she was on the buttom. I kissed her again and playfully teased her nipples. My hands went down her navel and finally over her crotch area where I fingered her through her spendex. She was wet,moist and moaning in excitement when she decided to get on top of me. She removed her bra and started kissing me on the chest. I told her, I was virgin and she looked at me “so am I”..we both smiled and passionately kissed again. She proceed to unbuckle my belt and carefully pulled my jeans down, leaving me with my boxers on. She smiled when she looked at my hard cock at full attention. She slowly pulled my boxers off revealing my 7″ cock, she finally grabs my cock and starts to give me head. Man, what a rush. About a minute or so I finally came in her mouth. We kissed again for a couple more minutes, I was on top of her now. I slowly fingered her again, this time I pulled her shorts down to reveal a very moist and wet pussy. I started to play around her cunt area, finally licking her clit as she yells and moans. I licked and fingered her for 20 minutes when all her juices came rushing out as I ate her out. She rubs my limp dick back to attention and I teased her by rubbing my cock head over her wet cunt. I slowly push my hard cock inside of her and popped her cherry. She said it hurt a little so I pumped slowly,then her body told me to go faster and faster. She moans outs her pleasures as I continue to hump her. Finally, she orgasm tightening her muscles around me cock which made me cum at the same time. I continue to pump her cum soaked pussy for another couple minutes when she told me to lay down on the bed so she could ride me. She rode me for 40 minutes when I came again and she came twice on me. We layed down on the bed for a half hour kissing and playing with each other. Then we decided to take a shower. Finally, we got dried up and dressed around 7 pm. I told her it was getting late and had to go home. We kissed and I went home. We dated for 2 years after that, experimenting with different positions,had a threesome with one of her friends but we broke up. We still see each other for an occassion fuck.

Michelle, you know who are…thanks for being my first.

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