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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: School
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was at my friends house, he was a year older than me, he said his sister liked me and was waiting upstairs. I said I didnt want to go up because I didnt like girls that much. He said if I did he would so we both went to his room. I wanted to see him naked so thats why I went. When we gt there his sister was lying on the bed, she was about 19 or 20. She made us get undressed I remember I was hard as a rock. I didnt have much I thought. It was about 5 inches and had no hair around it at the time. My nuts were quite big and about a handfull for an me. When we were naked, she said I had been tricked because it was J who wanted me not her. I said Id tell and she decided to let me fuck her. I didnt want to but I wnated to see J do it. She took her pants off and J climbed on top of her. It was obvious they had done it before as he went straight in her cunt, I was amazed. So I started stoking his balls under his butt. I was curious so I got down on the double bed and looked between them, he looked at me and said Im gonna lose my nut, then he went rigid and his sister held him tight so he couldnt pull out. When he relaxed he rolled off to one side his cock still hard and shiny with his spunk. She looked at me and said your turn. I didnt want to fuck her but I did want Js spunk on my tail so I lay between her legs, pulled back my foreskin as I had seen J do, then pushed it into her. She started to move about so I started humping. She looked at me and said, Lke the feel of JS wet juices dont you little boy. Just then J took hold of my nuts and sucked them, I lost it then and shot inside her, she pushed me off and J grabbed my cock and sucked the cum from me as I shot. I never fucked another girl after that but Js sister sucked me off and masturbated me a few times afterwards. J and me are still lovers now, hes married and so is his sister. But it doesnt stop them.

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