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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My brother (who was 17)was having a friend stay over at our house because his friend’s dad was having some surgery or something done. Well, I had two of my friends over to spend the night, too, So you can imagine it was a pretty packed house with all of us kids around. In the afternoon the boys ambushed us with some squirt guns, so we decided that we’d wait until they were asleep and then put mustard all over them.
Jen, Melissa and I went to the kitchen and got the mustard bottle out of the fridge. Everyone was asleep upstairs, so we snuck into my brother’s bedroom and started putting the mustard all over his face and hands. He didn’t even wake up, but he did move a little, and the girls just about screamed. We turned to put the mustard on Chris, but saw that he was lying there watching us.
We were sure that we were caught, that he and my brother would torchure us all night. But he motioned for us to leave the room, and quietly we did and he followed. We all went into my room and busted a gut laughing, especially Chris, since he saw the whole thing. So we sat around and talked for a while, and Melissa was sitting really close to him the whole time.
She was the one of us who was most developed, and I noticed that every so often Chris would steal a glance at her chest, which I guess was very nice for an eleven year old (it was way bigger than mine.)Chris started asking us if we had every kissed any boys, and I said no, but Jen and Melissa both had. Chris asked if we wanted to kiss, and he kissed all of us. We noticed he had quite a boner after that, and Jen laughed.
Chris said “what are you laughing about, you wouldn’t be laughing if it was in you.” She said “yeah right” and he took off his shirt. We were all surprised, and a moment went by until he said “well?” We weren’t sure if he was serious, but Jen took off her shirt. She was flat chested but had nice nipples, I suppose, because Chris started sucking them like there was no tomorrow.
Chris lifted her onto my bed and went to pull off her panties, and she stopped him and said she was a virgin. He said not to worry so was he. He kissed her again and pulled off her panties. Melissa looked mad, I guess that she wanted it to happen to her. Chris pulled off his shorts and his penis was rock hard. He put the tip into Jen’s pussy and started to press it in.
She whimpered as he pushed, and he stopped for a minute, then with one big thrust he burried himself between her legs. She had a few tears well up, but his face was so happy as he started to gently pump away. In about two minutes he tensed up and rammed his dick deep into Jen’s pussy and groaned. Then white stuff with a little blood started running down Jen’s butt and dripped off of Chris’s balls.
Chris pulled out of her and his dick was all wet, and the rest of the stuff ran out of Jen. Chris sat for a moment, then looked at us. “Who’s next.” Melissa pulled off her shrit and walked over to him, and he pulled off her bra. He just sat and stared at her breasts for a moment, I guess they were the first real boobs he saw. He was instantly rock hard, and pulled off Melissa’s panties.
He layed her on the bed, and was a little rougher with her. He put his dick against her opening and she asked him to not come in her as she’d already started her periods. He just rammed his dick into her and broke her cherry. She screamed a little but he kissed her to shut her up. He fucked her really hard for about ten minutes before he tensed up and sprayed deep inside her.
After he came, he pulled out and said he was sorry, but Melissa cried anyway. He sat on the edge of the bed and didn’t look very remorseful. Then we looked at me and asked if I wanted a go. What a jerk, wouldn’t that be nice for him to screw three virgins in one night. I told him no. He came over and started to kiss me, and then put his finger in my pussy and played with my clit.
I tried not to lose my cherry that night, but he kept working on my clit when I felt the head of his dick work between my pussy lips. I moaned for him not to, but I was in lala land, and that all ended quick when I felt his dick’s full length suddenly tear through my hymen and stretch my vagina. It felt like he was trying to park a truck in there. Since I was the smallest and tightest,
he had the toughest time with me. He had to keep pushing very hard, and he still couldn’t get the whole lenghth in. One more good thrust and he was all the way in. He started pumping very hard, and I felt like I was on fire. He went on like this for nearly twenty minutes, until he suddenly pushed all of his weight onto his pelvis and forced his penis harder into me that it had been before.
I swear it felt like his head was in my uterus. His dick pulsed and I felt hot liquid hit the top of my pussy, and it kept coming until I was completely flooded. He stayed on top of me, and I felt his dick shrink. He got off of me, said “thank you for a great night girls,” and went back to my brother’s room to bed. I got up and looked around, and saw that there were two blood and come stains
on my bed and one on the floor were he had taken me. My pussy was sore, I didn’t want to close my legs. The other two girls had gone to sleep with goo still oozing out of them. We were too scared to tell anyone, and I guess it wasn’t a very good first time for any of us. Well, us girls that is, because it must have been a great first time for Chris.

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