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Melisa & Nick

Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

“Mom?Mom?,oh hi mom can i go to the arcade?.” I asked.”Sure,you can here is some money.” She gave me $100
she told me to bring my bathing suit in case i wanted to go to the water park across from the arcade.She didn’t really have to drive me there,I just walked.We lived close to the arcade anyway.In our arcade you just have to buy a wristband and just scan it.There was like a thousand games in there to play.I did like 4 already.I was looking for a game to play when someone tapped me on the shoulder.I turned around and it was a hot boy.He said if i wanted to go out with him coz’ he didn’t have a girlfriend.”Sure.” I said.
Of course i didn’t want to be rude so i said sure.To me i am ugly but he said i was hot.I had dark brown hair with blonde highlights,i wore a black mini skirt a pink tanktop and a blac minijacket,and some black flipflops,and some makeup on.His name was Nick,he said.I asked him if he had anyone with him,and he said that his friends were waiting for him at the waterpark across from the arcade.So we went there.I asked him if he lived anywhere around here.

He said he lived close from the acrade down at mishinvuerg.
I said i lived there to and maybe we can hang at your house.He said sure,i asked him alot of questions.But the most important one was.Am i your girlfriend now?He said only if you want to be.And i said yes so he smiled a cute smile.That i enjoyed alot.Then i realized that i knew him.
He went to my school but he said he moved.He was in my 3rd grade class he looks exactly the same!I thought in my head.

“Nick?” i said shaking. “yes?” he said. “Didn’t you used to go to mishinvuerg elementary school?”yes,how did you know!…”he asked.”i’m…i’m…Melisa.” i said.

“Melisa! oh my gosh i thought i would never see you again! i knew it! u looked so familiar!” “hah!” i said.
We walked to the amusement park and i saw Nick’s friends,they were all with girls.”Hey! bud you finally met a girl!” one of them said.”Actually i’ve known her for 3 years.”Wow!you met up again?” “yeah.” i smiled.It was getting late but I knew we were going to have a party at nick’s house because they were talking about it.
They bought coke & chips and they rented a movie so it would be a real party.”Mmmm,i so can’t wait to taste your dick,manny!” once of the girls said to one of the boys.I gasped quietly,I was shocked.Was this going to be a sex party?Nick got in his friend’s car and i saw him holding condoms.This is going to be a sex party! I thought in my head.I sat in the front seat,my legs shaking like crazy.

We got to nick’s house and they all went upstairs.I walked slowly with Nick.”Nick,is this a sex party?” i asked.
“yeah,why?” he asked back.
“Oh, nothing,just wondering coz’ u bought condoms.”
“oh,ok.” We ran upstairs and opened his bedroom door and everyone was naked.I knew they were ready.But i wasn’t.
Nick started undressing himself.and he threw each of the boys a condom.they put it on quickly.He started undressing me.I felt very uncomfortable.Nick and I jumped on the bed.Nick said that his parents were away so we were safe.
some of the boys started to insert their penis in the girls pussy.But nick needed time coz’ I knew this was his first time.He said he was a virgin.He took a deep breath and inserted it in my wet pussy.I screamed in pain and so did some of the girls in the room.I saw blood coming out of some of the girl’s pussy.After a few minutes past me and 3 other girls had an orgasm.Some of the girls were still in pain.I laid down and Nick told me to spread my legs out.So i did,and he started to lick my wet pussy.I moaned really loud.coz’ it felt,so good.soon enough nick tied me to the corner of his bed and started fucking me hard.He removed his condom and the rest of the boys did too.I knew what this meant.Nick inserted his penis inside of me again.a couple of minutes past and he came inside of me.Boy did that feel good!I gave him a blowjob and he moaned alot.After that he started biting my nipple and mmmm that felt so good.I started ride him while he started squeezing my boobs.He took it out and he put his penis in my mouth and he came.I fainted coz’ it felt so good but when i woke up his penis was still inside of me.

We got dressed i took all my stuff and he walked me home.I told him to stay coz i knew i would miss him too much so he stayed and we watched a movie.I went to the bathroom and i checked if i was pregnant.But i wasn’t up to now im not pregnant. (=
I went back to the couch but i felt like i wanted to be fucked again so i started to masturbate.And he saw me.So he carried me to my room and he started to fuck me hard.
It felt good i had an orgasm.
He said he needed to go so we got dressed and he left.
Up to now i’m still with him i love him and i always will

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