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Me & my Best Friend

Where it happened: A friend's house
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My best friend’s name was Dianne. We were the best of friends. We’d always walk home and talk about people we liked.
Sometimes we’d even go to dances together, but just for fun, and often i’d stay at her house, but that was it, until the day she broke up with her boyfriend.
She was really sad, so i’d try to console her and give her hugs. I knew she liked me because she always told me that i was hot.
One day when i found her crying i tried to console her by giving her hugs and trying to make her feel better. Her boobs were big and that was the part of her body that i liked the best. I started saying things to her ear and then i kissed it. She was getting kid of aroused so i laid her on the couch and started playing with her titties. They were so nice. I squeezed them hard and then took her shirt off. She said “please don’t i’ll feel like a slut”. I said “i won’t tell anybody, don’t worry, you’ll feel much better”. After taking her shirt off and her bra i started sucking her big nipples, then i slipped my hand down her pants and felt her pussy. She was wet as a river.
I took all of her clothes off and cleaned her pussy with my tongue, she started quealing and yelling my name. i was feeling so great.
She was a virgin, i could tell by her super tight pussy.
I took all of my clothes off and put her hand on my cock.
She told me she wanted to suck, so i let her.
I fucked her as hard and fast as i could, she was loving it.
I took my cock off and told her to turn around. Then, i fucked her doggystyle to stimulate her g-spot better.
She loved it even more. To finish, i put a condom on and we have anal sex. After that i cummed on her tight small butt, and played with her titties even more.
We’re still best of friends, but when she’s feeling ba di usually eat her out or we have sex anywhere we can.

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