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me ^ mom

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It was a hot humid night in New England. I was home alone with my mom. Dad was on a business trip. As I lookback, he went on quite a few “busines” trips. Well, just about 11 pm, mom came to say g’nite. A ritual that date back to as far as I could remember. BUT TONIGHT WAS DIFFERENT.

Tonight she was wearing a very sexy outfit. I now know it was called a teddy.She was and still is a gorgeous women. She was hot that night. She planned the whole thing. She wanted to fuck her son. And nothing would stop her.

Her conversation led to my girlfriend and “things” we did together. And without warning she started to rub my (already hard) cock. I was scared. The bitch raped me. The fucking whore made fuck her wet cunt. The slut i call my mother made fuck her asshole. But what disgusted me most was I had to eat her pussy.

From that moment on (whenever my asshole father was on a fucking “business” trip) I was her boy-toy. She did with me as she please.I fucked her cunt, her asshole, her mouth, ate her pussy and licked her asshole. But I never really enjoyed any of it until one night she brought home another boy about my age.

The miserable cunt made suck him off and I got fucked up the ass for my first time….That night I came like no other night.. And since that night Steve and I have been lovers…..

I don’t know where the cunt I called mom is. I don’t really care…….But every mothers days I fuck Steve’s asshole real good………

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