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may get caught

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: her home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

it was in the middle of winter, I was shoveling this couples driveway down the street from me. it was an older couple in there 40’s and my mom was close friends with them. this women was sexy, though in her 40’s she looked in her 20’s and had an hour glass figure, long blond hair and the best looking tits and ass you have ever seen. We all checked her out (the guys on my block) and talked about how nice it would be to see her naked.

one day I went over to shovel her driveway and I had to wait because her husband was about to leave for work. they invited me in and she offered me a drink. he left a little latter and I told her i should do her driveway now. I went outsice did it and came back for the payment. Again she invited me in and we did the usaul thin and as i was about to leave she asked if i could stay a little longer, because she rented a few movies and she had no one to watch them with. I said ok because I had no plans for the day. She phoned my mom anf asked her if it was ok and she said yes. So she goes and gets us soda and popcorn and tells me to get a little more comfortable. I asked her if it was really ok cause all i have on are boxers under neath. she said that was ok because they were like shorts. So I did and she went upstairs amd came back down with a long tee shirt on whitch had a v cut in the front. She started the movie and we watched about 30 minuts of it. She asked me if it was ok if we cuddled because it helped her relax. She said it would be ok because we would just be cuddlin and there is nothing wrong with that. I readily said yes, it was like a dream come true. she layed her head on my chest in such a way I could see the top of her breasts. from what I could tell they were beautiful. As we watched I kept looking down at her breats and I was getting real horny. I could feel my self getting hard and I was scared she would notice, not that its not easy to when a guys wearing boxers. I was also afraid it would slip out. Well it was pretty hard now and she seemed to not notice so I was in the clear. But as we watched the movue she sliped down and layed on my lap. Oh my god I was frozen. She was laying on my hard dick. I was getting harder and harder under her head. She looked up at me and asked me if I thought she was pretty. I told her I thought she was hot. She sat up and asked me thinbgs like have you ever had a blow job? or have you had sex before I told her no. She said she wished she was young enough so she could do those things for me. I told her that I didnt think she was old aand still quite youngg. She laid her head back on my dick and we watched a little more of the movie. After about ten minutes she put her hand on my leg real close to my dick and started to rub. I got real tense and was so ready for anything. Then she started to get closer and rubed her finer on the side. She again looked up at me and said ahe was sorry. i said im not and I guess she took that as a hint because she started to french kiss me. I was so happy the women of my dreams the women I masterbated when thinking about her was kissin me! She was rubbing all over me and told me she was so excited to be with someone so young. I replied by gliding my hand up the side of her shirt. She was wearing no underwear. She placed my hands on her tits and i gladly played with them and we went wild. I kissed her from head to toe and sucked on her nipples and yes they were Beautiful. Then she sucked on my dick and I almost insantly came. So I started to kiss her thighs and lick them till eventually I was facing her clit. I gentaly kissed it and licked it. Then I started to suck on her clit. From there I lost it and licked, sucked and bite on it. She was screaming and moaning. I was worred that she couldnt breath at times. She started to cum, I knew because she told me. As she came I tried to lick up what didnt spray on me. Then she led me upstairs and we continued to gie eachother oral sex. After a few hours of forplay she pulled me on top of her. My dick fell right on her hole, but I didnt go in all the way. She was so wet and I had the tip of my dick in her. We played like that for about ten minutes . Then she begged me to go in. Her wish was my command. I went all the way in and as I did she screamed ” You are so much bigger than my husband” That turned me on even more than I already was. She was squriming all over as I pumped my cock into her. I was only on her for five minutes when I came. I pulled out because I didnt want her to become pregnant. She let me rest for a few minutes then she sucked me amd I became hard again. W@e had sex two more times and I loved every minute of it. Though I admit my dick hurt like hell but I couldnt help it.When we were done we took a shower together and as we were dressing her husband came home. He knocked on the door and asked her how long she would be. She told him she would be a minute and she would be right out. I stood there frozen. My coat was still in the living room and I was in here with her. Luckily she had a window in the bathroom and I had all my clothes and shoes in there. I dressed quickly and quietly. Then she opened the window softly. I slid out easily without making noise and I ran home. When I got home I dried my hair and dressed into something else. She phoned a half an hour later to tell me I forgot my coat. To come pick it up. My heart was racing as I walked up too her porch. Her husband answered the door and told me to come in. I was so nervous but I tried my hardest to hide it. He said my wife said you stayed and watched a movie with her and when you left you forgot to get your coat. I said yes and that I was sorry. He said no problem and asked me to sit down. I did and he gave me a beer!! He said now dont tell your mom ok. I said ok amd took it. As I drank with him on the couch. where me and his wife were all over eachother. He asked me if the movie was any good. I told him it was very good. He popped in another video and we sat there and drank. He said so did my wife keep you company, and I said yes we had a nice time. So I heard he said. I immediantly got scared and asked him what he meant. He said well she told me you two had a great time! I looked at him he didnt seem mad at all so I figured he had no clue. But then he said how did sex feel. I almost dropped my beer and I chocked on the mouthfull I had. I looked at him and he shook his head yes. I stood up and was backing away when she walked up to me and started to kiss me. I pushed her away and got real confused. He smiled at me and told me to relax. It was very hard to relax but I did she praticaly undressed me in front of him and we had sex in front of him. I have never had gay feelings before but he asked me if he could suck my dick and I said ok its the least I could do anyway after fucking his wife. We did this for a while and I never done this to him but it felt just like a girl doing it so I didnt mind. We did this on many occations again but I have never sucked or fucked him. But I let him suck me and me and his wife have sex in front of him and whle hes at work. We dont have much of a chance anymore but we still do.

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