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Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: at home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My best friend down the street and I had always played around every once in awhile, but it was always quite innocent. We would usually just pull down our pants to check out who was bigger. We were close and felt comfortable discussing the changes that were going on in our bodies, so when we started having orgasms we discussed that, too. We called it ‘getting the feeling.’ First, we started jerking off together; then we started rubbing each other and laying on each other while clothed dry humping to cum. This finally graduated to us taking our clothes off and fully experimenting. I’ll never forget the night he spent the night, and we were finally alone in my bed. We played ‘dare’ and started daring each other to touch, then suck, then kiss, then french kiss. We finally ended up passionately kissing and touching each. It was so exciting. I remember shaking and being nervous, but not wanting to stop. We sucked each other off, but never swallowed. I let him fuck me, and really got off on it, but I was scared to let him cum him me (don’t know why–I didn’t know any better). We did this for about 3 years, and then he grew out of it. I still like to fuck around with guys, but I like women more. I’d like to have just one more romp with him for auld lang syne.

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