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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Teacher's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

All my life I knew I was gay. I hung out with boys a lot so I could check them out. We had a real hot teacher. Abot 6 feet, brown hair, hot body. I used to check out his hot muscular body every day at school. I never saw him naked but I could clearly see that he was very well hung. When we were on a class vacation he was one of the teachers who accompanied us. He was the cool young teacher type and he came with us to the club to watch out for us while we were partying. He was having a great time too, he drank so much he couldn’t walk back to his room alone so i valunteerd to take him back to our accomodations. I helped him walk to his room a get to his bed. He told me he needed a glass of water, so I went out to the bathroom to bring him some. By the time I got back he was jerking off with his pants down. I saw what I always yearned for, his 9’5 inch cock. I went closer and put the glass on the table beside the bed. I guess he saw my hard-on cause he grabbed me by the ass and threw me on the bed next to himself. He started talking dirty and kissing me. It was the first time I ever tongued somone, it felt great. He started to take off my shirt and kissing my chest going lower and lower. By the time he reached my cock I was so hard. He started sucking it. He did it with such expertise that I blew my load into his mouth after 3 minutes, but it seemed like and eternity of beauty for me. When he was done we kissed again with my cum in his mouth. I tasted my cum before but it never tasted this good. Then he got on his knees over my head and made me such his huge cock. I wanted to feeel his whole body cause I knew that this is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. I sucked his shaved balls while his cock was pounding my face. Then he grabbed my hair and raped my mouth. It was painful yet wonderful. I loved every second of it. Then I felt his grip getting stronger , I knew he was going to cum so I took his whole 9’5 inches into my mouth (and my throat). He exploded moaning deeply. He shot in me three or four times filling my moth with cum. I swallowed all of it. He being extremely drunk rolled over and fell asleep on top of me. When I woke up he was taking a shower. When I tried to sneak out he called out to me: “Come in here”. I thought he was gonne kill me for exploitung him. Instead he proposed that we continue where we left off. So I got in the shower and slated licking his body. He turned me aroung and shoved his cock straight up in my ass. I moaned from the extasy I felt. He fucked me real hard I came after a few seconds then I came with him after about half an hour of ass pounding. I could barely sit on the way home on the train, where we did it in the toilet. Our relation is still going great, though we are just fuck-buddies.

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