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Age when it happend: 52
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I had a party by the pool for my 8 of my premier clients. Shortly after dusk everyone left, except Gary. He was helping me bring things in from the pool. We decided to have another drink poolside. He asked if anyone ever used the pool as it is a beautiful place to have a party. I said I used it often and kept the water really warm and that you should feel it. He said it was beautiful and would be refreshing in the warm evening…..laughingly I suggested taking a dip. Since he didn’t have a suit, it was dark and our spouses weren’t there we could just slide into the warm water. I made him look away as I dropped my clothes and slid into the pool. He followed and I peeked and saw an erect penis which made me really hot. We splashed each other and I “accidently” brushed against his swollen manhood. He returned the favor by rubbing next to my erect nipples. We slid into each others arms, his cock pressing against my bush. He suggested it might be hotter in my pussy-I wrapped my legs around him and we worked it in…..wow I was so hot I came in just a few minutes but he didn’t. We jumped out of the pool and headed for my bedroom where he took the tie from my robe and tied my arms to the bed. He slowly lowered his cock into me and rode me like a fucking horse. I came again. He put a pillow under my ass and started driving his cock from top to bottom for almost a half hour. When he exploded it was in my face-a first for me but I really enjoyed it. We will get together again soon, being careful not to get caught by our spouses. More to cum.

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