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Married Bliss

Where it happened: Hotel in Hawaii
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Sex is truly a special, sacred experience. When I read on this website of young teenagers who are losing their virginity and calling it true love, it makes me cringe. These young men and women are sacrificing their bodies and futures for a few moments of pleasure, which is sad. Anyway, my wife and I made the decision to wait for marriage before having sex, a choice that I will never regret. I met my wife Ashley at a bar while we were both in university. It was love at first sight! After s of dating, we were finally married in 1998. That was easily the happiest day of my life. We went the whole nine yards for this ceremony, and it was a day we will never forget. After the wedding reception, we headed back to the hotel room where we would spend the night before departing for Hawaii and our honeymoon the next day. Ashley and I had planeed on fucking each other’s brains out that evening, but, when we arrived in our suite:30 am, we were both too tired too do anything but fall asleep. The next day, we arrived in paradise and enjoyed our first day there tremendously. After a tour of a nearby volcano and a romantic dinner by the ocean, Ashley and I took a stroll along the beach. With my bride in my arms as the sun set and the water lapped against our feet, I knew marriage was going to be great. We then returned to our giant hotel suite, where we would lose our virginities forever. Before I discuss this experience, let me first tell you a little bit about my wife. As I said, I was in love with Ashley the moment I set eyes upon her. This is because she is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. With a perfect hourglass figure, short blonde hair, blue eyes, a smile that lights up a room, breasts to die for (38DD), a tight ass and a great personality to boot, it is easy to see why. When we reached our room, Ashley headed into the bathromm to change. I then sprinkled rose petals on the bed, lit several candles while dimming the lights and played some soft romantic music. When my bride emerged in a white lace nightie, I walked towards her and told her that I loved her more than anything else in the world. I then kissed her passionately and liften her into my arms, carrying her across the room to the bed, where I laid her down. I continued to kiss Ashley on the neck and face, and began to slip off her nightie. When I saw her erect nipples, I could not help but devour them, biting and sucking this tender section of skin. I continued to caress and suck on her tits while she removed my shirt to play with my midsection. After much fondling in the northern regions, it was time to head south. I slowly removed my bride’s panties, alternating between teasing her clit with my finger and kissing her breasts some more. When the panties were gone, I moved into Ashley’s dripping cunt. My tongue was wild, moving around her hole with great expertise. When Ashley’s juices began to flow and her body started to shake, I knew it was my turn. My wife moved slowly but surely, driving me wild with anticipation. After caressing every inch of my bare chest again, my boxers were removed. Then, before I knew it, my rock hard cock was in her mouth. After a few minutes of this intense pleasure, I could not take it any more and exploded into her mouth. At this time, she showed a sense of aggression I had never seen before. “I want your cock inside of me now, Josh” she said. I was in no mood to argue, so I did as instructed. I straddled over my wife and put the tip of my tool into her as she parted her lips to make this entry easier. At first, I could feel her pain, so I moved slowly and gently in order to ease her discomfort. I soon ripped through her hymen, at which point she assured me that she was ready for some hardcore fucking. I then began to slam my rod into her again and again, moving faster with each thrust. The tingling sensation I received from this act disappeared when I shot my first load of cum into her cervix. Ashley came as well, as I could feel her juices on my cock. My wife could tell that I was enjoying being on top, so she assumed this position. She rode my pole expertly, caressing her clit with ever rocking motion. It was but a few minutes before she began to moan again, telling me what a great fucker I was. I soon came again, although this orgasm was less pleasurable for me than the first two. However, we saved the best position for last. We moved to doggy style, a wise move. As I slammed my 8 inches high into Ashley’s cunt again, hitting her G-spot with each entry, she and I experienced what we would both describe as the greatest feeling of our lives. I shot a huge and hot pool of semen into her, by far my biggest yet. She seemed to enjoy this position as well, as our hotel neighbours were so disturbed by her climaxing screams that several of them called the front desk to complain. As I pulled out and looked at a clock, I relaized thatwe had been going at it for over an hour. What stamina! My bride and I then fell asleep naked in each others arms, exhausted from the greatest hour ever experienced by either one of us.

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