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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: dormitory room
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I laid there motionless facing the wall. I tried to sleep but somehow my brain seemed to deny it and keeps the whole body alert. My heart was beating faster than normal and only if Marion were to come close to my chest, I bet she would hear the thunderous sound it makes.
I could feel her back touching mine when she moved. Her butt touched mine.
“Reno… you might wake her up…” she said, trying to control her voice before a soft moan escaped. I knew she was biting her lips. I could only imagine what they were doing.
I tried to remain still, though it is very hard.
“She is pretty… “
“Don’t you get any idea…” she said.
Only if she could hear my heart now, how nervous I am at that particular moment.
Somehow, unconsciously I turned around, facing her back. I could swear that I was blushing but the dim light in her room prevent them from being able to see how red my face was at the moment. Even if they could, they probably thought it was because of the Midwestern winter cold.
I sighed, unconsciously.
Marion turned around, facing me to make sure that I was still asleep.
“Is she really a virgin?” in disbelief.
“Aha… “ said Marion.
“And how do you know that for sure?”
“I know… it is for real… and she is already 18, can you belief that?.”
“A-ah! Hard to believe aint it? Maybe that is just how it is over there, I mean there where she came from….”
I could almost swear that I see the look of disbelief on his face.
“Oh my God…that really turned you on… you are hard as rock,” she said.
“Turn around please….pleaseeeee… I want to eat you,” he said.
I could hear the bed creaked, then the sound of lapping tongue on her extremely wet lips.
“You are soaking wet…hmmm..”
I slowly opened my eyes, looking at whats infront of me.
His tongue was tickling her clit before sucking it lightly. She straddled his head. His finger was touching the opening of her vagina. Rubbing the outer wall slowly and increasing as it lubricated. The finger slowly crept to her asshole. Tapping the area lightly several times, as if greeting it.
With the juice from her pussy, he rubbed the brownish, pink ring. I could see it constricting, and opening in response to his every touch.
It is alive.
Slowly, he pushed his finger in, while circulating it, rubbing the wall while his tongue was still toying on her clit. Then pushing his finger for another few centimetres before making a stop and rotating his finger again. I could see how her asshole ring tried to accommodate the finger. It was only moments when he introduced another finger into the hole.
I was burning, in sensation. I could almost feel the leak in between my legs. I was so wet.
Suddenly I felt his fingers on my nipples. Twitching, I couldn’t help but to moan.
Marion stood up, surprised to hear my moan.
When she caught Reno was playing with my tit, she turned around, and laid in between him and me.
“Baby.. are you awake?”
I couldn’t answer her. She hugged me, bringing me closer to her bare chest.
I opened my mouth and sucked her nipple as she played with my long, straight, black hair.
She spread my legs with hers, placing one of them on hers. I could feel her warmth, inching away from mine. Suddenly a finger tracing the crack of my pussy lips. The satin panty was soaking all the juice my own pussy produced, and the material seems to be pushed inside the crack.
The finger kept on moving non-stop, pushing and tracing along the crack and crevice. Like a pencil, drawing its way inside the line, as if trying to make the valley deeper.
Then it stopped on the nob on top of the slit. Scratching it, pinching it, rubbing it. I couldn’t help but to let go of Marion’s nipples and laid flat on my back.
It was Marion’s turn to suck on my nipples. First the left then the other side received similar attention.
Reno pulled my panty to the side, revealing the inner treasure. It only took him few seconds before diving his tongue into it and tapping the tip of my clit with the tip of his tongue. Needle liked, his tongue touched the tip of my clit. Jabbing it. Then he japed hard before putting pressure on it and then wiggled it. Slowly the tongue flatten out and in a sweeping like motion, rubbing it up and down several times, sending me to the edge.
“Put this on…” I heard Marion said. And then I could feel the cold sensation on my clit.
“Arghhhhhh….” I screamed before Marion came and cover my lips with hers.
Reno applied ice on my clit then slowly pushing it lower to my vagina and then to the asshole. It lingered there, on my asshole. I could feel the coldness there.
He sucked my clit hard and then at the same time, pushed the ice into my asshole.
My whole body jerked in a massive orgasm.
At that moment, Marion turned around and kissed my pussy while offering hers to me.
I opened my eyes and looked straight to her inviting, dripping wet pussy.
I spread her pussy lips, revealing her swollen clit. I moved my fingers, causing the hood of her clit to stretch back and reveal the hidden treasure. It was peaking out, as if greeting me, inviting me to touch it.
I touch it with my finger nail. Her body jerked and she dived her whole face into my pussy, rubbing her nose to my slit.
I didn’t know when Reno came behind her and started to rub his cock to her opening.
I kept on rubbing her clit, trying to imitate what they had done to me earlier as he pushed into her, inch by inch on top of my face. She lowered her cunt to my face as soon as he entered her fully.
I took her clit into my mouth, closed my eyes and tried to breath at the same time.
My hands around her butt cheeks, before slowly searching for her asshole and rubbing it slowly. Then she pushed her butt back, causing my finger to dived into her gaping hole. She started to growl, letting go a deep, satisfying voice. I rotated my finger and could feel Reno’s throbbing member in her other hole before he started to pump her hard. And I continued sucking her, hard as she continued to moan, ever so harder…

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