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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Ross’s first time, but not mine!

I had known Ross for about two years. He was my best friend Karen’s we brother and had just turned 16. I was 18 and had lost my virginity when I was 15 and had had three different partners all older and the last one who was really experienced taught me lots and drove me crazy. He had left town to get work elsewhere and we agreed our relationship was over. I was at Karen’s over the summer holidays chilling out and sometimes staying over for parties. Ross was always coming onto me and flirting with me at every opportunity. He was a fantastic looking boy, almost six foot with an amazing body, he was a county swimmer. He regularly wore his shirt unbuttoned and showed off his tanned body to any one that would look at it. I knew he was a virgin and had never had much more than just some heavy petting, so he said! He was always saying that he could show a girl a good time and could drive her wild. I always said how come when you’ve never had a steady girl! Me and Karen teased him all the time. I knew he played with himself as Karen had caught him on more than one occasion and used to embarrass him in front of me. One night I was at a party at Karen’s house, her mum and dad had gone out for the night. As usual Ross was trying it on with me. I decided to respond and gave him the fright of his life. This time we ended up having a long slow kiss. I knew I couldn’t do anything that night although I was really up for it. My mum wanted me home early as she thought I was staying out too late these days. He was so excited! I could feel him though his jeans and my god was he hard. I also wanted to tease him to death and teach him a lesson for thinking he could get off with his sisters best friend. I moved my hand down to his swelling dick and stroked him real hard. Then I pulled back and said if you want to become a man, come over to my place tomorrow at 9.30am if you think you can handle it. My mum and dad were at work.

I went home thinking, he would chicken out of it and that would shut him up and I would end up teasing him about it in the future. How wrong I was! The next morning I had forgotten about it. My mum got me up at 8am and told me to get in the shower as she had a list of chores for me. I got dressed and wore my trademark pink thong over my bare love hole and pink bra that covered my beautiful grapefruit sized firm tits. I then wore my jeans and tee shirt. I was in the kitchen when I heard the door bell ring. Oh my god I knew who that would be! I went to the door and in walked Ross! As usual he was so full of himself and said he had come to drive me wild, if I could handle it! I decided to lead him on, but on my terms! I said well lets get to it. We started to kiss, but he was just so eager I had to slow him down, his hands were every where and I could tell that if I didn’t take control it would be over in minutes. I told him we would go upstairs to my room, everyone was out the house. We went up lay on the bed and started making out. I took his tee shirt off to reveal that fantastic torso, I was getting wet, he returned the favour and took my tee shirt off and immediately made for my tits. I told him if he didn’t take it slow I would have to sort him out! Oh yeah he said and how you going to do that? Wait here I said. I went down to the garage and got some cable ties, I came back to the room and told him to lie back. I placed a cable tie round each wrist then cable tied him to the bed! Now we take it at my pace! I lay over him and kissed him deep. I moved down to his nipples which were now rock hard. All time I made sure I only gently brushed his now massive dick through his jeans. I got off the bed and took my jeans off to reveal my pink thong, by this time he was so frustrated cause he could do nothing to me! I had the job in hand! What do you want me to do? Please let me see your tits. Whilst straddling him, I removed my bra and let my now swollen tits out their cage. I lowered my self down and made him suck and lick then. I gave his dick some attention by rubbing my now wet thong over is crouch. Time to take it off to reveal my shaven pussy. I moved it up to his mouth and he was eager to lick. I wanted to get off before he did. His tongue was long and I guided it to my now hard clit. I was soon screwing his face and tongue, and could feel my orgasm welling up inside me. My juices flowed and flowed all over his sweet face. I lay down beside him to rest and said you had enough? I was only teasing! He protested! I said well lets see what you’ve got? Stilled restrained by the cable ties, I removed his jeans and boxers. My god, he was at least nine inches long and I knew I would have difficulty getting my hand to go right round it. I still didn’t touch it even though he was begging me! But the other thing I couldn’t believe was that he was completely bare. Shaved ball sack, shaft and pubes! How come I said, and he told me he shaved his legs for swimming and just got carried away one day! I wasn’t complaining cause I hate pubes. I still didn’t touch it but just kept looking at it. What do you want me to do big boy? Anything I’m bursting! I took him in my mouth, he had a foreskin, so I pulled it back and felt the beautiful huge purple head I my mouth. I knew he was on the verge of Cumming so I teased him again by pulling back. He was almost hysterical! Not so fast, Ross, we need to really make this good! I left the room, went to my brothers room and got some tingling lube. I saw his girlfriend put it on his dick once and drive him crazy. When I came back, Ross was going crazy, legs writhing about the bed and moving about. I said unless he calmed down I would leave him there! I decided he needed more restraining and told him to cross his legs. I tied them with his belt. Now he couldn’t move. I got the lube and put it on the end of his huge nine inch dick. It tingles and I knew he was so desperate by now. I started working him up and down, them leaving him a while. How could he last so long? I took his bald ball sack in my mouth it was amazing; I could just about get them both in! I sat on his chest and put more lube on his huge cock. I did a bottle opener on him, where you hold the dick with one hand and with the other; pretend the purple head is the bottle top! I worked and gave him no mercy, I knew I had to let him come and fuck did he cum! It went everywhere and even hit the ceiling as well as my now bursting tits, face and hair! I turned round and made him lick it off me! He enjoyed it.
I decided it was time to untie Ross. He hugged me an kissed me and told me how good he felt. I told him I did what I did because I wanted him to last when he put it inside me. I could feel his cock starting to stir. I sat up and said, now you do the same to me! His eyes nearly popped out his head and he was instantly hard! He cable tied my wrists to the bed. He kissed me then move down to my tits, he was stroking my pussy and knew it would not take much to get me off! He kept sucking my now huge nipples. I begged him to tongue my pussy and he said not so fast babe remember what you did to me! I now regretted teasing him so much! He touched my clit with his finger and I writhed with pleasure. He moved his mouth down, and licked my full lips and clit I was really getting off! Then he stops. Gets the lube and puts the tingling liquid on my clit and starts working me. I am going crazy and demand his cock. No not yet be patient. I was worried about taking his member as It was five months since anything had been inside me and certainly never something that size! I just kept Cumming and think I almost passed out. The next thing I knew was him lifting my body and him putting his full length inside me. He just kept pumping and pumping. Then he takes it out and starts licking me again, what a tease I say to him please give it to me give me your load. No, more tingling lube on that clit cock teaser he says. Remember what you did to me. Please please as he works his fingers on me give me that cock! He goes in again and this time pumps and rides me till I feel him burst inside me. He lay on top of me till he went limp inside me and I felt all the juices flowing out of me. He unties me, and we lay together just hugging.

We decided to shower and wash each other down. As I was washing him, I feel him stirring so I go down and start to suck his balls which unbelievably, still feel big. I start to work my way to his shaft, and take the full length down my throat. I bring him to the brink them move off him! We come out the shower and back to the bed. He tells me to sit on the edge, lie back and starts licking my pussy. Again in seconds he has me in ecstasy! Before I know it he’s turned me round and is doing it doggy from behind. He shoots his load inside me just as I am Cumming! We lay down together completely exhausted. He certainly lived up to his promise of driving a girl wild. We continued going with each other for a while, doing lots of different things, but that’s another story.


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