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Where it happened: my bed
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I had just got home from school and one of my cousins had came over. She had brought a friend with her, and when i walked in the door he says “and who is this hott babe” my cousin told him i was mandi. we decided to take a walk up the road. we walked down into the woods and he leaned over and kissed me. he took his hand and slid it down in my panties and rubbed my clit. I said “damn boy you work fast dont you?” he said” when i want something i get it” i was turned on immediatly by that. I told him that my parents werent home so we could go back to my house because my cousin had went to our grandparents house. we walked back to my house and he picked me up and placed me on my bed. he sucked on my neck leaving about three big hickies on it. he slowly kissed down my chest as he unbuttoned my shirt. he unhooked my bra and took it off of me and started biting on my nipples and sucking on them as i moaned with pleasure. he took his hand and started rubbing my clit and he pulled off my jenas and my thong. he started to lick my clit and stick his tongue inside of my pussy licking up everysingle drop of cum that started to flow out of my sweet pussy. he then took his hard cock out of his pants and i started licking on it as he kept licking my pussy and pushing his fist farther inside of me. even though i was tight i was enjoying the pain. i told him to fuck me now. he pushed me onto my back and i told him to stick it inside of me as fast as he could. he did and i screamed with pleasure. as he went in and out of me i cummed at least five times before he blew his load in me. he was still pumping me as i was about to cum again. after i had cummed two more times he told me he was about to cum so i told him to take it out that i wanted to suck his cock i sucked on it until he blew his load into my mouth so i sucked every little bit of his sweet juices out of his cock. he told me he was the best he had ever had. i asked him what his name was and how old he was. he said his name was chris and he 9. we are still together and i still have to swallow all of his cum everytime we fuck because if i dont it just doesnt feel as good.

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