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Male Raped

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: next door
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first sex, quite frankly, was a rape situation. The events of a several day event culminated with a sexual intercourse not of my planning or initiation, although quite to my satisfaction. I was 13 and lived in a rural area near a major city. The one house near us has a pool in the back yard. I often swim in the pool and was guest in their home for dinner. The lady who lived next door, Mrs. Pat was mid 40ish recently divorced and was close to a job relocation. She worked for an airline had two girls, one was a sophomore in college Julie, the other 15 or 16 was Amy. All three were quite attractive. One advantage to being only one of 2 houses on a gravel road, allows for some warning when folks are coming home. I often used this to my advantage as I would swim, sometimes nude in their pool during the day. One afternoon with stashed playboy in hand I went to swim, being aware that all 3 had left in the family car. I used the freedom and the gorgeous women in the magazine as an opportunity to masturbate. That evening I was invited over by Amy. After we had ate dinner she asked me to watch a movie with her, just a moment of film I realized she had taped me jerking off. Even in my embarrassment she said “watch or I will show your parents” Every movement from my hand first rubbing my erection in my trunks, to me being nude and jerking my hand back and forth on my hard cumin cock was recorded. After viewing the event, Amy said, “now let me see it live.” I reluctantly masturbated in front of her. She grinned, and laughed as I stood nude jerking off in front of her, the more I pulled the more fun she had, finely she coached “faster”, “harder”, till in embarrassment I came. She told me no one would know. Three days later I went over to visit again as my parents were out on business, Julie called me into her room and demanded I watch the tape again with Amy. Amy said “she found it”. I watched in embarrassment now with two witness, then Julie said OK now your turn. I thought is this ever going to end, but this time Julie rewound the tape and told Amy, do what he did. I stood motionless and in shock as Amy stroked me to the rhythm of the tape, till I came several minuets later. Both girls snickered, and Julie slapped my limp dick from side to side and said “cant you get hard??” Did you like it?? “Want some more??” After awhile as an erection began to form she gave me a blow job, teaching her sister how. Again I went home embarrassed, ashamed but quite sexually pleased.. About a week later, I noticed a sold sign on the house and hoped it all would soon end. The last night the girls lived there I was invited over again to “say good bye”. After dinner MS Pat brought me in the living room and asked me about the masturbation, and the tape. I told her everything. All 4 of us watched the tape, then she burned it in the fireplace. I was glad, but then she made the girls remove their cloths and masturbate in front of me. That was quite an experience in itself, and I can see why both girls got off watching me. Julie had bigger breast than Amy, and I was amazed at how round her nipples were. Amy, however had firm cone shaped breast that were white as snow with pink pointed nipples.I liked Amy’s better! Julie had a lot of hair on her pubic, but Amy had just a little and her crack could be seen clearly. Both girls had great bodies and I was amazed as their fingers disappeared inside their pussies. Pat said we will have to reward you for all you have been through. She made me lay on the floor, she pulled my cloths off and instructed Amy to climb on, my hard dick. Her mom told her what to do the whole time, and judging from the blood I would say it was both of our first time. Although Amy seemed embarrassed, she did enjoy the sex. I fondled her as she bounced on me, and even sucked her nipples, she kept complaining I was sucking to hard and I was amazed to see a hickey when I was done. After I came and was again able to become erect Pat made Julie lay on her back and I was told how to have sex with her. Both girls seemed to be embarrassed by all this, but Julie had obviously had sex because she did not just lay there helpless. I thought I was exhausted, but Pat said now you have a choice! She striped in front of me and said as soon as you are hard you can have whoever you like! Her body was firm with round breast like Julie’s, but her hair was like Amy. She was almost a combination of both. Even though I was tired, I became erect again as she rubbed me under my balls. Once I got hard she took a rubberband and double wrapped it around my penis, causing me to become even harder. I looked down at a blood filled purple penis, almost bigger than life. She said who do you want?? I picked Amy as I liked how soft her skin was, and because she had been the one who “raped” me, not only emotionally but physically as well. I pounded into her with full force and tell it was painful for her cause she began to cry. I kept forcing myself in her and after several minuets, I came. The rubberband blocked the ejaculation so even in orgasm my dick stayed hard, my nuts hurt but I kept going till I couldn’t take it any more. After I was done I just stayed there. Pat left the room and came back with a board. She made both girls apologize to me then told me to spank them both as long as I wanted. Amy was crying so I let her wait, I slammed Julie till she balled and begged me to stop. Her plump ass was so red. Then I began to spank Amy, she shook violently as I took out my anger on her.Her tight cute ass flinched with each firm wack. I spanked her so hard she was screaming “I am sorry please stop!” All I wanted to do was hurt her, even though I liked her body so much I beat her till she peed all over the place and she stood sobbing in pain and embarrassments, with blood, piss and cum all oer her leggs and the floor. Pat said not to tell no one and we will not as well, we all agreed. Before we left I kissed Amy on the cheek and said I am sorry I hurt you. She said I am too, but thank you for being my first sex! Although I felt the same I also felt cheated. I am still in counseling because of all this, and can not keep a relationship more than a month or two. I still have anger.

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