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Making Love

Where it happened: my house
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

On December 30,1999 when we were together again with my girlfriend we stayed at my house.Luckily nobody was home and we could have our privacy at last.We had a special day ahead of us, i had the whole house for myself i was the man.We talked and laugh around,we had our snacks and games.Then evening came and i have to cook for our dinner.She and i were sweet talking and finally it came through both of us that we were alone.

We ate dinner having the time of our lives and spending it to the fullest.Then i turned on the music so it would be really romantic for the both of us.I asked here to dance with me so we both danced as if i were a really a good dancer.Then i started to get really romantic, i kissed her neck.I rubbed her waist and came closer to her and felt her so HOT!I then started to hold her tight.She responded and kiss me and at the same time she was pushing me towards the couch then from the moment i knew she was on top of me kissing me,feeling me and then she asked me if i knew whay i was doing and i answered back while feeling her “yes i know what im doing”.Then she asked y? then i answered “iloveyou”.Then she stared at me eye to eye and i stared back saying “iloveyou”.I stoodup and in a sitting position and i kissed her.Our kiss became deeeper and deeper until she asked me to if i want to feel her flesh to flesh.Then i got it in her and madelove with her feeling her tight breast,kissing her neck,and touching her legs.She rubbed my chest while she stroked with me.We were both in deep compassion then i lay her down the floor and made her feel me and made her feel waht makinglove is.she moaned for more and more.Exclaiming with a seducting voice she loved me more………

I never thought of my first and………
AS LUST between us because i LOVED HER……..

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