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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

When Madison was 15 she broke her knee and achelleas tendon skiing. At school I had all classes with her so I helped her with her books and binders. Sence we had all classes togeather we did our home work togeather. We were at her house and her parrents were out to dinner. Ironicly we were learning about reproducing in science and we were doing our science homework. I leaned over and sloploy kissed her on the colorbone. She said “Come on, even I have better aim.” I said “Ok then, prove it.” We started to make out and somehow without either of us saying anything we went up to her bedroom. We started to French (it was fun playing toung tag with her, she was a great kisser) so I started to get a little more confident. My hand slowly moved from her cheek, down across her neck and collor bone to her breasts (She had some nicley developed breasts for 13). Then slowly down her waste to her hip, and without sign from her to stop slid inside her pants and then her panties. I started to finger her pussy and she gasped and moaned at the same time (while Frenching, dont ask me how). My other hand started to unzip her sweatshirt (all she had on was a sweatshirt and bra). Still without sign of stopping, she helped me get out of my t-shirt. We started Frenching again and I un-hooked her bra. Still without sign of stopping I gently carressed her breasts and nipple. I helped her take her sweatpants off and she helpped me get out of my shorts. so we were both down to our underwear. I helped her out of her panties and she helpped me out of my boxers. (This all happened after she got out of her cast and brace). Im stiff as a diamond in an ice storm and she gently goes down my body and then I felt the most wonderfull sensation ever. A girl jerking me and giving me a BJ. It was about 1 minute when I exploded. I was worried she would be mad at me but she just smiled and swallowed. She started to French me so I could taste my own cum. Then I slid down and started to lick her pussy. It was so wet an juicy. It tasted like honney so I started to French her to let her taste her own juice. Then I went for it. I slid my cock in her pussy, without stopping me I started to go deeper. With a pleasnt moan she shuved and popped her own charry. She started to orgasem and then I shot my load of cum into her vergin womb. Then we cuddled for god knows how long and she said “We should do this again sometime”. I said “Yeah”.
How she didnt get pregent is beyond me but we “did it” 6 other times. Supprisingly we stayed togeather and we are now happly married and have 2 children. Ill never forget our first time though.

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