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Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: My house at the time
Langauge: Portuguese
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Let me start by saying I was glad that it happened the way it did. Her name Is Lúcia, she was 22 at the time. we knew each other for five years before anything happened betwen us and it was actualy her tha took the fist step telling me she had feeling´s for me on a february 14 that I will never forguet.
I must admit I was scared at this time because I never saw her as anything more than a friend and not even a close friend (that was about to change).
We met when my parents rented her a rom in our house when shé started university (they bought a 3 room apartement for me and my sister to be while we where in the university) she was only 17 at the time and very shy. we never reakly had a chance at knowing eachother until her last year at the university (and mine).
During this time I worked hard so nothing happened that could be missinterpreted, so when she told me that she liked me I was scared that I had done something that gave her the wrong impression. She wasn’t expecting anything, she just had to let it out of her.
The next few days/weeks where strange, i kind of avoided her a little, but then it all went back to normal except i couldn’t help to start looking at her and watching her.
Over the next few months I realy started to believe she could be the right one for me.
Now I was very shy arround girls (still am) and new people. I never had a girlfriend before or even kissed one. It was hard but since she was leavind in a few weeks I decides I had to do something or miss my, probably only chance with her.
I found my courage and one night I knocked on her bedroom door and told her what was in my mind (May 26). she had completely lost hope by then, even though we went to the movies a couple of times the previous weeks) and couldn’t realy say anything.
We went to the living room and talked for hours and I held her in my arms for the first time. I had a job interview the next day and didn’t sleep much.
Things mooved naturaly from then on, we kissed for the first time a few days later, it was the best feeling I ever had.
Then one day we where kissing anf fondling and she just took of her shirt revealing her breasts to me, I kissed them and felt her soft skin against my lips and it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
We started sharing the same bed soon after (We didn’t sleep at all the first time, not being used to share a bed with another person) and one night I made my way up her legs and started to finger her outside her panties. she was moaning in pleasure and I wanted to give her more so I asked if I could feel her pussy, and put my hand inside her panties and started to rub her. I believe she had her first orgasm that time.
She took of her panties and I got to see her completely naked and she asked to see me as well. I took off my underwear and she was surprised at my size (I’m not that big, but being her first I guess it scard her a bit). I asked her if I could perform oral sex on her. she was nervous but said yes. It was something I wanted to do for a long time.
I went down on her and started licking, looking for her clitoris and got realy excited when she started to moan.
I loved the way she tasted, but it was hard to keep it up because she had a lot of hair arround her pussy (she later started to shave it and it made it a lot easyer).
We kept having these exploration sessions learnig and exploring eachother, she even blowed me some, even being a litle strange for her.
One day she just simply told me she couldn’t wait anymore and wanted to have me inside her. I had bought some condoms just in case something happened (better safe than sorry) and went to get them. I got one on and showed how to do it in the process, we kissed and touche eacother and then moved I moved to try and enter her. I couldn’t at this time because I lost my erection. Being a big guy (over 100 Kg) and she very little (60 Kg at the time) I was to worried about hurting her with my weight, and she was worried it would hurt going in and got dry. she didn’t make a big deal out of it and hugged me.
It didn’t finaly happen until a few days later. we where getting more and more confortable with each other and the inicial fear was dissipating, and I finaly penetrated her. It hurt her a little, so I went slow. her face was glowing with happiness and all she could say was “I love you”. we tried several positions and altough none of us had an orgasm it still was very special to both of us.

You see when a girls gives herself to you like that she is trusting you in a way she never trusted anyone before, showing herself like to no other, and so are you.

We are together to this very day and sex I must say has become a lot better (a lot indeed). we are an open minded couple and talk to each other about everything. We have brought all kinds of sexual experiences into our lives oral, anal, I even licked and kissed her asshole once) and we loved every minute of it.

We are palning to marry sometime next year.

My advice to all you young people out there is this:

Don’t rush into sex unless you are sure the person you are with cares about you and respects you. I didn’t say love because love is a mix of a lot of different things including friendship and respect fot eachother.
This is important even if you end up not being together.

I can honestly say that my girlfrienf is above all else my best friend. her friendship is something I will always trasure even if we fall apart in the future (although I don’t see that happening)

Protect yourselves, use condoms or any other kind of birthcontrol, it’s never too late to stop and play it safe.

And a tip for the ladies, if you like to have your pussy licked I sugest you start shaving it. believe me having pubic hair in your mouth is a amajot turn off.

Be safe and have fun.

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