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Where it happened: down the block
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was babysitting one summer day for a neighbor. They had a 18 month old who lucky for me napped in the afternoon. Anyway, One afternoon while watching the kid the couples older son came by the house. I didn’t hear him come in until he cleared his thoat. I had undressed and was looking at my body in the parents bedroom. They had a wall mirror for dressing. When I heard their son I tried to cover up but he grabbed my hands and said “Don’t cover up. Let me see this sweet little body” Before I knew it he was eating me out.. I never felt anything like that before. When I knew he wanted to put it in I made him promise to be gentle. It hurt for a while but then I didn’t want him to stop. When I got on top of him he slapped my butt a few time and that feeling combined with him in me made me cum big time… We made out a few more time after that but then one day he called to say he was getting married. Turns out he only wanted me for sex. I cried for a while but then soon forgot him.

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