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Where it happened: home
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

well my firsttime was with another guy. i and my older brother was home from college with his roommate for the winter break. we still had school for a couple of days but i was home sick. anyway my parents were working and my brother went to work to get extra money for school. his roommate lukas was home with me but he didn’t know i was home. so i heard some moaning coming from my brothers room so i figure grreat their watching a porno flick what a way to spend a school day. so i go to my brothers room and i find lukas totally naked on the bed stroking his cock. lukas is 19 5′ 11 165 with a 8 inch cock. so i’m standing in the doorway watching him jerk off when he spots me. he never stopped just asked me to come over to the bed so i did. lukas asked if i jack off i said yes. he asked if i wanted to jion him. i said no at first but he asked again and by now my cock was rock hard. so i take my pjs off and lay next to him on the bed and start to stroke my dick. i’m 6 inches cut. lukas reaches over and takes my hand and starts to jack his cock with it. i thought i would cum right then. then he starts to jack me off and i cum in like 2 s. so lukas asked if i’d like to try something better then that i said yes. with that he gave me my first blow job i was hard as sone as he put it in his mouth but lasted about 5 minutes. then he asked me to suck him he was big but it was fun i sucked him for like 10 minutes and he never cam. but all this time he was playing with my ass and asked if i would try some else better then the last time of cousre i said yes not sure what he had in mind boy did i find out. lukas bent me over the bed and start to rub his hard cock on my asshole it told him no its going to hurt it to big it will never fit. he siad relax got some lub rubbed it on his cock and my asshole then figured my hole one then two figures. i moan it felt great then he press his cock against my hole i started to cry. lukas said take a deep breathe and push with that he push his cockhead into my virgin hole. i screamed in pain then we did it again and he was all the way in. i was crying and lukas slowly pulled out then push back in it started to feel good. after a couple more time i was moaning in pleasure telling him to fuck me harder and deeper. lukas fucked me for 15 mintues then pulled out and cummedin my mouth. i swallowed ever drop. after that i was hard again and he let me fuck him. it was the best winter break ever.

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