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Lover boy

Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Now, the guy I’m using in this story is someone I love very much. I met him about a year and ahalf ago through some friends of mine. We both go to different highschools now, but love to see eachother as much as possible. When we first met we didn’t hang out very often so we would talk on the phone and on the internet a lot. We would dream of the day we could spend forever together and sometimes got carried away with the fantazising… I remember one night we were up on the phone until 4 in the morning playing “truth or truth” asking very “intense” questions. Just thinking about him got me hot all over, I always felt I could fuck him right there. Now there is a difference between making love and fucking someone… I could do both. We aren’t going out right now but I’m sure we would if we were closer. He came over late one Saturday night to watch a movie while my parents were out of town, we had rented Stigmata because I had said I would always love to watch that with him becuase of how tightly and close he could hold me during the scary parts. We were a fouth into the movie and I was wraped tightly in his strong, muscular body. As the girl became possesed I turned into his chest and he turned and looked down on my telling me not to worry and he was here. Just then he kissed my forehead and I looked up at him. I slowly pressed his lips close to mine and seperated his two lips with my tongue very slowly and passionatly. He then moved his hands down my back, slowly removing my buttoned up shirt and slowly taking it off my upper body. I brushed my hands all through his hair getting even more hott with his hands runing down my chest and across my stomach. I let his hands explore my upper body and then took off his shirt while his hands moved down to the belt line of my tight fitting jeans. He slipped in hands into my back pockets squeezing my butt and then moved them back up towards the zipper and button. While I was unbottoning his shirt and slowly unbottoned my jeans and slid them off my slim tan body, running his hands all down my legs. I felt his warm playful hands run down my body and shivers went up my back. He layed me down and licked up my legs into my inner thighs making his way to my pussy. his tongue slowly licked closer in and he slid down my panties and made his way in with his wet, smooth tongue. I was so wet by then and it was no problem putting his tongue in and out of my dripping pussy and swirling around. I was bout to explode, I could feel it. As he looked up I gazed into his eyes and told him it was my turn to please. I layed him on his back looking him in the eyes until i reached his pants line and took them down to his feet. His long, thick dick stuck out through his very sexy, sleek boxers as I could see him eyeing my body. I pulled his boxers down and slowly let my lips reach his hard cock. I spreaded my lips and began licking it like a giant lolly pop, swirling my tongue all around and not letting any of it go to waste. I sucked it dry until he let out all over my chest, his cum running down my breasts and hard nipples.. He slowly got up and headed on top of me licking down my chest around my nipples and sucking on my hard breasts.. Now I know this is a lot bout just eating out and giving head but its hard to remember all that went on. It was the best night of my life, and that I remember. I remember the movie was at its climax part, and man so was I. I was ready to fuck and I could tell he was as well. He came on to me and his huge cock went inbetween my thighs, dripping with cum. I let him get close, but was also kind of scared. I had never done it with a guy but I knew I wanted him to be my first. He made his way into me, thrusting his dick in and out of me. I was moaning out his name so loudly I was afraid my parents would hear me all the way in California. He said me moaning turned him on even more and began coming in and of my pussy even faster. I screamed with pain, but pleasure at the same time. He stoped and gazed into my eyes once again and asked “Are you okay baby?” right then I knew it was okay. I gave him a kiss and said I loved him and I was ready. He kissed me long and passionetly back and thrusted in deeper popping my cherry. I moaned once again and I pulled his shoulders and body closer to me. We proceeded to make love for another hour, stopping for a lil while of course, until we were both very exausted. I fell asleep that night tightly in his arms and woke up the same way in the morning. I love you babe

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