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lost virginity

Age when it happend: 30
Where it happened: in the drawing room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was one rainy eveing in my drawing room with my friends and outside wind was blowing slowly .All possibility of thunder storm was visible in the
sky .We were with our drinks when my next door Lisa who is barely 18 came and knocked. She was in urgent need of some antibiotics.In searched around with Lisa around me and this was the time when
power went out due to heavy wind blowing outside. In the process of groping for the antibiotics i landed on Lisa plump size tits. The moment i got her hand on her tits she quivered a bit and pulled back and i started apologising for doing this unknowingly.It was only seconds past when i could feel her tits touching my back .I thought it was accidental because of the power cut but the pressure started building up on my back
then i realized that our aim to look for the medicine has been over taken by the lust and bust of lisa.I closed on her and gave a good message to her tits .This gave the imputeus for her to get aroused and my hand went down between her legs .It was all wet .I pulled back myself ,asked Lisa to come back for her medicine once the power comes back .
But she will not move until she gets her share .I too was getting harder and harder inside.I closed the door with lisa inside from outside and told my friends to enjoy the drink in the meantine i told them i am going out to get some medicine for Lisa’s family .
I came back from back door into Lisa’s room and started playing with body.The touch itself was so soothing and pleasent ,the sensation still lingers in my finger.She had a real 24-36-24 body and i got myself a real treasure inside her.The more i pressed my body against her the more she will get aroused .This could not go for long time and my dick was getting out of control . I asked she needs some fun or just take in to her mouth till
I cum in her mouth.But she had no problem she was all ready to take me inside her. Those were the moments when i can never forget when I entered her slowly and steadily cock around not less than 5 cm .When it entered Lisa was moaning and I supressed the moan by putting my lips on to her .She was on fire and I was full inside her.I pulled out my cock and rammed in once again with full force and the rubbing of my dick on her cunt was
like sailing on the moon .The sensation needs experience not mere explaining.The Cunt was a raw and virgin so I had little difficult in entering in first place but in 30mts she could take me with ease. I played inside her for full 1/2 hr than finally i exploded inside her twice,thrice,fourtimes or so . Finally i sank on her for a while and again had one more round .
That night I spent with Lisa and my friends left late night when they did not see me till late night.After this when ever my cock gets hard under some pretence i called lisa and made love to her .Today she is 3months pregnent and i dont know how to get rid of this at this stage.I hoep her mother will take care.

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