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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His Sister's Apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time was real exciting. I had been dating Jimmy for about a month and he was 18 years old and a lot more experienced than me in every way especially making out. I had kissed a lot and had let guys rub my butt through my jeans but nothing else. Jimmy an I had gone to visit my sister who had just gotten her own apartment. We had been there for a little while and she said she needed to run down to the laundry and pick up some clothes and ask if we wanted to go with her. She said she had to stop at the store too and we told her we would just watch TV until she got back. After she left we started to kiss and all of a sudden jimmy laid me down on the sofa and got between my legs. I had on shorts and a tank top so I didn’t think to much about it although we had never done that type thing before. I could feel his thing real hard against me through my shorts and making out was really making me horny. Of course he was naturally getting worked up as any red-blooded guy would but still I really didn’t think a lot about it. The next thing I knew he had run his hand up my shorts leg and was slippimg a finger inside me. Well….that was all it took. In no time my shorts and panties were coming off, he stood up, dropped his jeans and when I saw his thing I got so excited I could feel myself getting wet between my legs and just spread then so he could get in easy. We made love for a long time before he let go with a big load of cum that felt like it filled me completely up. About the same time the front door opened up and there was my sister with a very surprised look on her face. She walked over looked at us and then ask if we were smart enough to use a condom. That was the first time I even thought about that and when I told her no and she freaked. I got the lesson of my life from her and then she told Jimmy he was not very considerate of me by coming in me. Thankfully the mistake we made didn’t come back to haunt us. A few days later I was over at my sisters and she said”here”, when I looked she had a pack of condoms. From that day on until me and Jimmy broke up she let us use her place to do it. Thanks Sis !!! ….for the lesson in safe sex and the apartment.

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