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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time was so bad that lets not alk about it rather talk about my second time.Im a trainer for the boys Basketball team.I have a pretty good body but no one pays any attention because Im always in sweats.We were away for a tournament,staying at a Holiday Inn.Coaches in one room,players in two rooms next door.I was lucky enough to have my ownroom down the hall.After the coaches fell asleep,I knocked on the guys door and asked them if they wanted to sneak in my room to have alittle party.The guys had some beer but were too paranoid to open it being so close to the coaches.Well we cracked them open, and we were all feeling good in no time.Jason popped a tape in the VCR,he said he borrowedit from his Dads porno collection.I felt nervous being the only girl in a room but it was geting me horny.In the movie a girl was giving a guy a blowjob while her pussy was being eaten..The other guys Phil,Tony and Rick all had bulges in their shorts They were begging me to take my top off.The beers made me feel warm and sexy,so I slipped off my sweatshirt and let them see me in my bra.I said this is not fair what are you guys going to show me?Jason then dropped his boxers and his 7 inch cock was sticking straight up it looked delicious.they then asked me what the next step was,so I took off my bra.Phil,Tony and Rick then took off their shorts ,all of them had boners.I said why cant we do what they are doing in that movie?They said they wanted to see my pussy,I said if Im going to be bad Ill be bad all the way.Jason started sucking my nipple while,Phil put the other one in his mouth,Tony was on his knees licking my pussy.I was in heaven.Rick was behind me rubbing his cock against my ass.I couldnt hold out any longer and was cumming in Tonys mouth.His face was covered with my juices.Rick then slid his cock in from behind.Jason positioned himself so his cock was right in front of my mouth ,so I started takinghim deep.Phil was rubbing the head of his cock against my nipple.I felt so desirable ,satisyfing four hard cocks at once.Rick was pumping hard,moaned and pulled out and came all over my ass.Jasons cock throbbed in my mouth and he shot a hot load all in my mouth .It was so much I couldnt swallow it all.This got Phil so hot he jerked off right in my mouth,I was covered with come.All night long each guy took turns fucking me and coming back for more.By the time one was done anothers cock was hard again .I must have come 30 times that night and swallowed a pint of cum.Ill nevertop that night as long as I liveAs for the team needless to say we got killed the next day.

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