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Age when it happend:

Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was a virgin and I really was curious about sex and what my “older” friends were talking about so one night I was at my “older” boyfriends house and he had just left to go get some movies and left me there with his roomate.
his roomate hated me and I hated him as far as we were concerned with eachother.
I decided to take a shower and i got out and was in my boy’s room and i left the door open because his roomate always teased me about my tits and say that they are small which they were at the time.
his roomate came in and yanked the towel off of me and laid me down on my boys bed and feverishly asked if i would do him as he was on top of me sucking my tits and sticking his fingers into my virgin pussy.
I was up to see what he’d do so I said yes and he pulled the door shut and locked it in case of my boy getting back before his roomate finshed fucking the hell out of me.
He kissed me fully on the mouth nothing like my boy at the time did, there was no tenderness in his roomate’s kiss.
He fingered me with one finger and i felt him roughly put in another finger and i whined a little and my boy’s roomate got the idea that I was a virgin and went gentle but forceful which i enjoyed so much.
he told me to give him a blowjob and he explained it to me and I climbed into his lap and spread his legs and squatted there and slid his cock into my mouth and ran my tougue over the tip and down the big shaft as far as i could and teased him by playin with his balls.
he grabbed me and turned me around and put me on the bed and spread my legs and told me to hold them open and he expained that he wanted to eat me out and asked me if he could. all i could do was nod yes.
he started by taking my clit into his mouth and i was enjoying this so much that a tickling feeling was in the bottom of my stomach and i was groaning quietly as he slowly slid his tougue inside me and then stuck his finger inside and continued this for about 5 minutes and told me to flip over on my back and spread ’em my body was feelin so good i did it immediatly and he grabbed my stomach as he slid his cock into my ass and moaned It hurt a little then it hurt alot i guess he felt that i was in pain and drew out and inserted his big cock into my tight little virgin hole so fast i screamed he pulled his cock out of me and i fliped over and i sat in his lap facing away from him and he kissed down my back and held me tight as i tryed to match his rythym of fucking my tight virgin cunt.
I stoped him and laid him down on my boy’s bed and took control i kissed him and grabbed his hands so that he could not touch me and i slid on to his cock he told me just to ride him like a bull so I did I guess he liked it because he groaned and grabbed my hands and sucked my tits feverishly and i grabbed onto him hugging him scatching his back and squeezing my legs around him as he laid me on my back and fucked me so hard I came over and over.
finally all sweaty and my good feeling got really good i felt as he shot his load inside me it shot so hard i felt it drip out of me onto the bed.
after about three months of having good sex with my boy he dumped me and i didn’t see his roomate whom I call Sharkie again till a couple of days ago when he shouted out my name in the parking lot of CARRS.

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