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Little whores

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At a party
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Yeah, alot of teenage girls are little whores! And they know it.

We were at this party, girls wearing tight fucking clothes that you just wanna rip up so you can fuck them.

Then the drinks start flowing. So we all get a little drunk, then I get this cute girl with pretty big breasts on me. The type you tell yourself is out of your league. Tight ass the whole shit! So I have her sitting on me and I start feeling her legs and she doesn’t mind, then after a while, I guess ’cause she’s horny and the room is dark, she moves my hand to her crotch and I start feeling her mound.

We do tons of feeling and kissing and then she says I gotta go to the bathroom so she gets up and I follow her and of course everybody knows what we’ve been doing for the last hour and they damn well know I wanna fuck her.

She gets in the bathroom, we close the door and she blows me. I tell her that I want her cunt and she gets naked and I fuck her hard. Fuck she was tight and hot! She screamed and moaned like crazy. She was obviously not a virgin.

We fucked and fucked and then I came in her pussy and when we were done she stood there bent over hands on the sink breathing like she just ran a mile saying thank you.

well, I hope she was on the pill ’cause I didn’t use a condom and my whole load was in her.

Comming out of there going back down to the party in the basement people knew what went on and some just laughed.

she went to her friends, I went to mine.

The end, I never fucked her again, but its a different story when it comes to her friends.

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