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Little Lucy

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Her home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

At the age of 15, I was just as horny as the next guy. I had this little game where I picked out 3 girls from each of my 6 periods then I’d go home and with each 18 of them I’d masturbate to their faces. I know it sounds sick, but my dick was always up. In my third period class, these were my three choices: Amber. She was a tall girl who had nice tits and always wore short skirts. The teacher. She was just 22, and had a great body. Then there was Lucy. Lucy was a petite girl, a cowgirl. She had a firm, firm body and showed off her great ass with tight pants.

So, out of 18 my fantasy came true with one girl. Lucy. I worked at my dad’s newstand, and I was always there alone. I was alone, bored and horny one day when Lucy walked in. Lucy was wearing a tight, short dress. We began to flirt and soon she sat down next to me in my little chair behind the counter. Her fragrance got my hard. I hide my errection and excitement well. We talked about music and such. Well, smooth-talking me soon got a date out of her. She agreed to go out with me that night. We went to a restaurant…okay! McDonalds. We ate and I made her laugh. Soon I walked her home. We both lived near McDonalds. She was wearing a jean-skirt and a short t-shirt has showed her belly-button. I walked her to her door and kissed her full on the lips. One innocent kiss lead up to a deep mouth French kiss. I grabbed her ass and she bit my tounge slightly. I drew back and bid her goodnight. But she invited me into her house. We entered and sat on the couch. We decided to watch MTV, and soon we began to make out heavily. I slammed her down to the couch and kissed her slowly up and down her petite little body. I removed her skirt and to my surprise she didn’t protest. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. I lay it on her stomach and ask her if she was sure if she was ready.


She pushed me back, then, so she was on top. She kissed down my stomach and slowly put my cock into her mouth. It felt awesome! I couldn’t believe her little mouth could fit it in. I grabbed her hair and pulled on it as he gave me a great blow job. At that same time I looked to the TV and saw Beavis and Butthead laughing at some chick with big tits. I looked down to Lucy and could hear her humming. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I blew all over her face. She coughed and ran to the bathroom to whipe it all off. When she came back I apologized and she accepted. We sat there kissing and petting and after about 20 minutes my dick lifted again. This time I threw her against the wall and slammed my dick into her tight cunt. She screamed and tears began to scream down but I couldn’t stop. It was hard to get it in but I managed. After a few minutes her screams turned to moans of pleasure and her hips moved to the same rythem as mine. Suddenly I felt her juices spil. She moaned in delight. At that point I pulled out and cummed over her small belly. We colapsed and about 30 minutes later I left.

Ah, Lucy. We never did have sex again, but we were still freinds.

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