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little girls

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: her bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

well my first time was pretty amazing because it was with a girl. it all started when i met jean. a friend of ours introduced us and i swear, my pussy started throbbing the second i saw her.
she had a shaved head and wore doc martens with her catholic-school-girl uniform. we became fast friends and went to poetry readings and all that other social crap. lets get to the good part.
jean and i had beed getting closer and closer. i spent the night at her house all the time and i would often rub myself under the sheets, watching her while she slept.
one night we were up late talking, saying how much we hated boys. i leaned over her and said i thought she was beautiful. she threw me on my back, stared into my eyes and then kissed me so passionatly i lost all concern with the thought that i was making out with a girl. she slipped her tounge down my neck, licking me harder and harder, telling me she wanted me. i couldnt even speak. i just tore out of my boxers and t-shirt and put her hands on my breasts. she rolled out of her tank top and panties and crawled on top of me. our cunts started working against eachother, faster and faster, harder and harder until i couldnt keep quiet. i moaned. she shoved a pillow in my mouth, as her parents were asleep in the next room.
she moved down my body until finally her fingers and mouth were at my aching pussy. she slipped one finger, then two, the three inside me as she sucked on my clit. she rocked her hands back and forth, fucking the life out of me. i bucked up harder and harder, forcing myself down on her fingers as i came. this was too much.
i threw her on her back and held her wrists above her head and growled at her, “im going to make you come so hard.” she gave me a little smile and that was the last thing i saw before i headed south.
i sucked and sucked at her ripe pink lips. she had shaved herself bare and i twisted at her hard little nipples as i licked her bare pussy-flesh. i shoved my tongue in as far as it would go and then put fingers from both of my hands up inside her hole. she writhed against me and just as i thought she was about to come she pulled me on top of her and fucked my pussy with her engorged clit until we both came… harder and harder we bucked into eachother, comming and comming out brains out.
we slept, breast to breast, cunt to cunt, our fingers still inside eachother. every time we woke up in the night we would get eachother off again. were still dykes fucking and sucking eachother off every day.

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