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little boy

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: parent's bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

the first time i saw anybody making love was my mom & dad.

my friend billy and i were talking one day and he told me that married people do naughty things in bed. i said not my parents as they were very proper and never even uttered bad words.

he told me about watching his parents in bed one night and i couldn’t believe what i was hearing. Nah i said, you’re just teasing me. he laughed and said, you’ll find out.

about three nights later i was in my bedroom and couldn’t get to sleep. i heard my mom & dad come down the hall and go into their bedroom. i tried to get to sleep but just couldn’t so i just lay there thinking about what billy had told me.

several minutes later i heard strange noises coming from my parent’s room. mom was giggling and it sounded like she was crying. dad was saying come on babe let’s do it.

curious i slipped down the hall being very quiet so they couldn’t hear me. as i stood outside their door i could still hear them doing something.

opening their door carefully, i peeked in. dad was on his back in bed and mom was kneeling over him. i could see dad’s penis was very big and stiff. mom had her hand around it and was pumping up and down while dad was groaning.

finally dad said come on honey, you know what i like. mom giggled and said, oh alright, you are always impatient. mom opened her mouth and put her lips over dad’s penis and began bobbing her head up and down. dad was holding her tits in his hands and moaning, sweetheart ou are wonderful. mom’s mouth kept moving up and down on dad’s stiff penis and he continued moaning, that’s good sweetheart, keep it up. after a few minutes dad’s groans turned to a growl and his hips were bouncing up. suddenly he grunted and screamed, i’m cumming baby, i’m cumming. mom’s mouth was sliding up and down his penis meeting his every thrust. mom came up for air and her mouth was filled with white creamy stuff. dad was moaning, that’s it sweetheart, swallow it all. mom gurgled, gulped and swallowed hard. oh darling you tase so good. they both became very quiet, cuddled together and kissed on the mouth. soon it was very quiet as they had drifted off to sleep.

thee next day i told my friend what i had seen in my parent’s bedroom. oh, she was sucking him off. my mom does that to my dad too.

i never knew being married was so much fun and couldn’t wait to grow up and find a girl to marry me so we could have fun too.
one day when i went over to my friends there were 2 girls there. my friend said hi, we are going to have fun with the girls like our parents do.

i was excited and soon had a hard boner in my pants and noticed my friend had one too. the girls giggled and said i guess they are ready for fun. we both pulled our pants down exposing our rigid boners. the girls giggled and said let’s play mom & dad. my friend and i lay down with our stiff boners pointing to the sky. the girls kneeled over us and put their mouths to our aching boners. it felt so good to have a girls warm mouth on my penis and i groaned, come on sweetheart, do it to me. the girls moved their mouths up and down on our rigid boners and the most wonderful feeling rose in my loins. as the girls kept sucking on us,the feeling kept getting better. after a few minutes of sucking, the girls both said, let your fountains gush. at that poing my penis exploded in my girls mouth and seconds later my friends penis exploded in his girl’s mouth. the girls came up for air with their mouths filled with our white creamy stuff. the girls gurgled, gulped and swallowed hard. they had swallowed our stuff down their throats. oh guys, this is a wonderful game and you taste so good. now i know why our parents enjoy doing it so much.

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