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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Motel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had been babysitting for a couple since I was 13 and for the past year the Brad ( the husband ) had been flirting with me especially when he would take me home. Brad was very attractive and when he started making it obvious that he was serious about things I let him know I was interested. We talked about getting together for about a month then one evening after I had worked for them we made arrangements to meet. I really thought we would probably just go to eat the first time. Brad met me at the mall and wasted no time just taking me to the car where we kissed for a while. We had not really even done this before so it was very exciting. He started the car, drove out of the mall and straight to a local motel. He got a room and went in. I was a little nervous since I had never had sex before even though I had messed around quite a bit with a former boyfriend. When we got to the room Brad wasted no time starting to undress me. As he was doing that I announced to him that I was a virgin and he said he was surprised but very pleased. When we got in bed Brad took the time to be very gentle and the foreplay was intense. I was more than ready by the time he moved between my legs. When he did I told him he needed to use a condom but he told me that he had had a vasectomy after their last child. With that I let him take my virginity and the excitement of knowing he was going to cum in me unbelievable. We made love for several minutes before he let me know he was about to cum and as he did I had an explosive orgasam. We continued to see each other and had sex every time we could. Six months after we started having sex I found out the hard way that Brad had lied to me about the vasectomy when I got pregnant. I had a terrific little boy who Brad supports with the understanding of his wife.

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