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Age when it happend:

Where it happened: At home...
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
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Category: Straight

This story I want to share with you all about things
many PPl ask about….Do gilrs masturbate?.You all want
to know the answer?…the answer is yes.I want to share
you my first time I masturbate.
This story began when I’m in form two.This one abnormal
days if I say I really feel different and unfortunately
that day is also my school day.I merely can’t give my full
concentration in my study that day.I feel my breast herdened
and my body shriveled.I feel really weak but don’t have any
clue on what is really happen to me.
As a time past and unnoticeable my school session finished
and all of us went home as ussual.As I arrived at my house I
notice that my parent is not in at that moment so I open the
gate and door with my own spare keys.I quickly ran towards our
sofa’s and have a rest.I can feel my heart pounding very fast
as If I have been running a race.
As I sat there,I feel something sticky at our sofa’s so
I have a look.Without I notice that my skirt is wet so i
quickly went into our bathroom and take off all my cloth.I can
see my pussy is wet but its not my period because by that time
I know how does period look like and this is much dfferent.I
wash it up as I look myself in the mirror.
I starting became arouse easily that day,my breast is fully
hardened and those sticky liquid that I’ve said is still pouring
through my pussy lips bit by bit.I rub it with my hand slowly
as I closed my eyes feel the sensational feeling of what I’ve
done.I rub it all over my pussy as I grunting and moaned in a
wonderful dreams.
As I stimulate myself with that,I starting to feel high
and all I think that time is to masturbate myself.I walk naked
to my room and locked it from inside and I lying on my bed with
my wet body.I open wide my legs and started rubbing my pussy
as I closed my eyes,grunting and moaning slowly.Not long after
that I can feel my pussy lips is nearly fully dillated and I
trying slipping one of my fingers into it.
At first it feel painful but I make it really slowly and
carefull as I feel all the sensation covered me.After a few moment
I make it slip through but I cannot gone deep because I still
have my shield protect me.I push it bit by bit but it really
unbearable so I stop a moment.I move my hand upward and starting
ceressing my breast from below and round and round it with my
I clutch my palm onto it making me moaned and grunt in
sensation.I ceress all over my bodies making my bed a total mess.
As I can’t bear the feeling anymore I quickly walk to my dressing
and pick my spray bottle that more a less the size of ……
and I sat on my bed with my legs open wide and I started to
push in that bottle inside slowly but my pussy is much to small
for that so I push it a bit harder until I can’t make it anymore
and I push it really hard make me screams in pain as blood poured
out from my wet pussy lips.
The pain is really unbearable nearly make my mood turn down
but I ognored it and starting pushing it in and out slowly.At f
first it feel really painfull but after some time it feel really
good and I really enjoys it.I moaned every time I push it in and
out and somethimes I merely screams in sensation.I make it for
a nearly half an hour until suddenly I feel my body began feel
tensions and my muscle feel as if it will stop moving,I feel my
hold that spray bottle really tight until it hard to move it in
and out.
The feeling become more and more sensation until at last
everything went normal at last and I lying tired on my bed with
the spray bottle still inside my pussy.As I woke up again…
I notice that it was nearly 6.00 pm and I quickly pull it out
and went to my bathroom and washed my self befora I started
to work on my house work.That night I also make the same things
and from that time onwards…I always make it when my parents is
not home…ok guys…U like it..

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