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Licking Margie

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: in my car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I had dated Margie for several years and because of my lack of maturity to tell her how much I loved her I lost her.
We had enjoyed a great deal of fun and good times together as well as tremendous sex. She loved to be on top as she was only 100lbs. and about 5ft 4 inches. I always knew when she enjoyed our love making when she would raise herself up off my 7 inch cock and leave this ring of creamy juice around the base of my penis. We really “fit” well together and we got on famously. I loved her but lacked the courage or maturity to tell her. We broke up this one summer because she felt like I didn’t love her cause I couldn’t tell her. I was devastated but over time I was alright about it but I still loved her. She got engaged to this guy and after about six months they broke up. I didn’t see her for several months until this warm spring day. I was driving around and I saw her walking along the street in this nice spring dress. I stopped and talked to her and she acted like she was glad to see me. I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride and she said yes. We drove around abit till I found this nice secluded spot in the warm spring sunshine. We talked alittle and before I knew it we were kissing and I was felling her nice tight breasts. I moved my hand to her knee and slid it up her thighs to her crotch to find her sopping wet. She was really hot and so was I. I continued to feel her sex through her wet panties and we were getting very worked up. I had a sleeping bag behind the seat so I pulled it out and rolled it up and put it between her and the door. Then I grabbed her legs and lifted them onto the seat. (I had a full size car with a bench seat) She asked me what I was doing and I just smiled at her. I reached up under her dress and pulled her now drenched panties off her legs and placed them on the dash board. Her scent filled the car as I lifted her dress up over her hips. There before me was this young goddess with these incredibly sexy pudgy thighs with skin unimaginably soft. These beautiful thighs encased her puffy lipped pussy that was nestled in dark blonde pubic hair. I pulled her to me by her legs so she lay back on to the sleeping bag. I then spread her knees to expose her saturated sex to me. I gazed at this beautifully sexy girl before me and drooled. I realized that all I wanted to do was to please her cause I loved her so much. I pushe her legs back up over her so her ass and pussy was craddled right before me. She held her knees and watched me with sweltering eyes. I leaned over and kissed the backs of her thighs and down her ass cheeks to her anus. I gently brushed her anus with my tounge and she wimpered as I drug my tounge up and around her dripping sex hole several times before I slid it inside her slit and then deep into her sex. I lapped her deep slit several time like a dog and the drug it up over her hard clitoris. She moaned loudly as I lapped at her clit over and over then back down to her sopping wet hole where I drank her juices again then back up and over her clit again. Her hips rose up to my mouth as I tounged her over and over. She was closed to orgasm as I licked her. I moved down to her hole and thrust my tounge as deep in her as I could and then wiggled it inside her then onto her clit then back to her hole . Her juices were running out of her and I had her wonderful creamy foam all over my mouth as I worked on her. I took my thumb and gently massaged the ring of her anus with her juices as I licked her sex. She gave a heave of her hips and convulsed into a stong orgasm as I continued to lick her sopping sex hole. She shuddered and moaned as I licked away. She moved her hands to my head and guided my mouth as I licked. She started to cry as she finished her orgasm. She said that she had missed me so much. I just kept on licking as she shuddered into another orgasm even deeper than the one before and moaned with a shrill as it tore through her body. I smiled to myself as I licked my little queen over and over. She was moaning as I worked away on her for several minutes when suddenly she heaved her hips and pussy up to my face as she orgasmed once again except this one was big and her whole body shook as it coarsed through her. She was very still after this one. I continued to lick her over and over as her juices seemed to flow from her pussy like water. I was in heaven as I looked up at her as I licked over her clitoris. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. I stopped licking her and shook her alittle and she woke up, looked at me and smiled. “God,” she said, “I’ve never cum like that before. I passed out it was so good.” I told her it was just for her and that I loved her as I moved back down to her sex and slowly licked her back to life again. I made oral love to her for another hour before we drove back to town. She could hardly walk to her house as I helped her on wobbly legs. She was very pleased.
I see her every now and then and I know that she thinks about that afternoon in the car with me licking her exquisite sex.

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