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Where it happened: Hotel
Langauge: English
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Category: Straight

A group from my high school had gone across state for a debate competition. We spent the night at a hotel, and each of us had a roommate of the same sex. The teachers were acting as chaperones, and did room checks:00. My roommate was my best friend, and she wanted to take advantage of the hotel room to get some “quality time” with her boyfriend. The plan was that he would sneak out of his room:00, and I would sneak out of our room to give them a few hours together.
The hotel had a 23-hour hot tub, so I figured that I would go and soak in that while they got it on. I had been in the tub for about 10 minutes when this guy came down and joined me. He was in his upper thirties, but was pretty well built. We talked for a while. I told him about the debate team and why I was there. He told me that I was going to hurt my debating if I stayed up too late, and offered to let me sleep in his room in his extra bed. I thought about it for a while and then accepted his offer.
When I got out of the hot tub, he sort of stared at me. I was in a small bikini, and I guess I looked pretty good. I never thought of myself as super hot or anything, but I am young and in pretty good shape. He dragged his eyes off of me before it was really rude, but I noticed, and was sort of flattered by the attention.
Anyway, we went up to his room, which was a large two-bet room with a mini-fridge. He told me to take a shower, and that I could wear one of the hotel robes. When I got out, he was watching the TV and drinking a coke out of a glass. He went in to take a shower. I took a sip of his coke, and I knew right away that it had rum in it. I sat there drinking his drink and flipping through the channels when he came out of the shower, also in a robe
We turned off the TV and talked for a while, sitting side by side on one of the beds. He asked me if I was jealous of my roommate. I shrugged and told him that I was planning on staying a virgin until I married. I was terrified of getting pregnant. He said that he respected my judgment.
He said that he had a daughter my age, and that he had told her that if she had sex, she should be very careful. He said that you can’t tell a young person not to have sex, but that caution can save a lot of trouble, and he hoped that she would be smart about it. We talked a little more about sex. He started, he said, when he , and that now he thought that was too young, and he wished he had waited.
He said, “You have to be really strong. A pretty girl like you must have a lot of chances to give in.” I blushed and looked down so he said, “Really. You have a beautiful body. If I was your age, I’d be all over you.” I blushed even more, and he said, “It’s really cute the way your blush goes all the way down your neck and onto your shoulders. I touched my neck as he said this, and it felt sort of good.
Then he started rubbing my shoulders, and it felt very nice. I was a buzzing a little from the drink I’d had. I guess it was pretty strong, and I never drank, so it was hitting me fairly hard. I just let him rub my shoulders, and then he was sitting behind me kissing my neck. That sent shivers all over my body. I could feel my nipples harden and I got goose bumps all over my body. He pulled me to where we were lying down, and pulled the robe partway down my chest and arms so that he could rub my nipples. All this talk of sex, had me more worked up than I had realized, and I was feeling great. He reached into the pocket of the robe he was wearing and got out a condom and set it on the bed-side table.
I said, “We won’t be needing that.”
He replied, “I know. Just letting you know it’s there.”
He had his right arm under my head, reaching around and rubbing my breasts with it. The left was rubbing up and down my body from my hair to my thigh. After a while, he loosened the belt on my robe, and rubbed me underneath it. Then he pulled the robe open and off my top arm and sort of stuffed it between us. His robe was already open, and I could feel his skin against mine, with his erection against the small of my back. It was erotic, and he was really turning me on with his sucking on my neck and rubbing my nipples, especially the neck. Still, I felt in control. He knew my limits, and so did I.
After a while, the roaming hand reached between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I resisted for a moment, by holding my legs together, but he managed to get his finger onto my pussy and get it wet, then rub my clit. That was amazing, and I soon relented. I was surprised by how wet I was. It wasn’t long before I spread my legs to make it easer for him to reach. At this point, he put his cock between my legs.
I said, “No!”
He said, “Just rub your clitoris with it. As long as you hold it, it can’t go anywhere you don’t want it.” That made perfect sense, so I started rubbing myself with it, but it didn’t feel as good as his fingers had, and I told him so.
He said, “Of course not. It’s still dry. You have to get it wet. Rub it on your lips the way I did with my fingers.” I did that, and it felt a lot better, but still not as good as when he rubbed it. Meanwhile, he was rubbing both of my nipples, and that was really quite nice. After a while, he said, “Try this. Slide my shaft across your lips and your clitoris. That will feel better for both of us.” So I held him so that his shaft was between my lips rubbing back and forth across them and my clit. He was doing most of the work by pushing and pulling. I wasn’t really holding his cock any more. I was just sort of pressing the shaft and head against myself. Sometimes his head would rub my clit, and that felt really good. I could feel myself building up towards a climax.
Sometimes, he would pull so far back that his head would slide right off my clit. I didn’t like that, because the constant contact felt really nice. Once, the tip of his cock hit the top of my vagina. It popped out, without going in, but it felt nice, and I sort of moaned to let him know. On the next few strokes, he bumped me there again. Then he reached his left hand down and started playing with my clit again. I was glad, because I liked his head bumping me, and his fingers felt better on my clit anyway. At this stage, he was basically rubbing just the head of his cock up and down over my lips and bumping into the top of my vagina over and over. I was just sort of rubbing his head over my lips and pressing it to make sure it hit the top of my vagina. He shifted a little and, it wasn’t long before the head started to go into me. That felt even better than when it was bumping, and I moaned more. Without even thinking about it, I was pushing back at him. I was getting really really close to coming now.
That was when he pushed into me. I felt my hymen tear, and it hurt, but at the same time, I was feeling sooo good. It did bring me back to reality, however. I realized that I was having sex, and that I wanted to. So I reached up to where he left the condom, and grabbed it, trying to put it into his hand. He pulled partway out of me, and then pushed back in again. It felt amazing. He did a couple more strokes, all the while rubbing my clit. I was pressing the condom into the hand that was rubbing my clit. He took it from me and tossed it onto the floor, then went back to rubbing me.
When I think about it now, it seems like a really selfish careless act on his part, but for some reason, at the time, it seemed like the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I melted onto him as he started stroking harder and faster. In no time at all, I was coming. He pulled out of me, and mounted me in the missionary position. I didn’t say a thing, but just let him fuck me. I came a time this way before he came into me.
I was somewhat in awe of what we had done. I couldn’t believe I had done that, and I was terribly panicy about getting pregnant.
He told me not to worry. He said that a woman couldn’t get pregnant her first time. I had heard that before, but it never made any sense to me, but he sounded so sure and confident. Then he asked when my next period was. I told him that it was in two weeks, and he said not to worry, because I was at my safest time. I was confused about that too, because I thought that was right when I was ovulating. Still, his demeanor convinced me, and I relaxed.
He told me that I was wonderful. He asked how I was. I told him that I didn’t regret it. We snuggled for a while, and then did it again. This time was different. He spent a lot less time working me up, and we did it in the missionary position from the start. I didn’t come this time. By the time we were done, it was about 3 o’clock, and I figured it was time to go up and throw my roommate’s boyfriend out.
It turned out that he had already left. I told my friend what I had done, and she was shocked. She said that she and her boyfriend hadn’t had sex yet. They were just making out. She got me worried about being pregnant again. As a result, I didn’t sleep all night, and did terribly in the competition the next day.
I ended up being late. A home pregnancy test said that I was knocked up, so I went to see a doctor. The doctor told me that it was certainly possible to get pregnant your first time. In fact almost one in six women who have unprotected sex the first time get pregnant from it. He also let me know that the middle of my cycle was when I was most likely to get pregnant. He took samples from me, and suggested that I contact the father. I tried to find out who the guy was, but the hotel has a strict non-disclosure policy. Fortunately, it turned out that I wasn’t pregnant. It was just a fluke. I couldn’t believe how lucky I’d been.
Since that time, I have been on the pill. I have sex now. That first time broke the ice, and now I don’t want to live without it. The experience, fear and all was worth it. However, I can safely say that if I’d gotten pregnant, it wouldn’t have been worth it. Ladies, please be careful.

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