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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: on the floor
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well I was 15 and he was 18 all my freinds had just lost
their virginity so i decided to lose mine (young and stupid)

And plus I had been fingering myself all the time and i
wanted to know what a cock would feel like so i decided to
do it.So one night we had been drinking very heavily and i
was fucked up so I took the initiative and whispered in his
ear that i wanted to fuck him
so we left the party we where at and drove to his house
we started kissing passionatly and he was holding me up
because i was wasted
pretty soon i couldn’t stand up any longer and we layed on
the floor he quickly moved on top of me and put his hand up
my shirt and started caressing my tits.
pretty soon he was undoing my pants and sliding his hand
into my panties. i was getting wetter every secound i then
nudged him off of me and i think he thought i wanted to quit
he had a look of disappointment on his face but i stood up
and took off my pants and riped off my shirt i laid back
down and spread my legs.
i didn’t have to say a word he got between my legs and put
the tip of his cock to the entrance of my sopping wet hole
he began to push into my cunt slowly and it hurt like hell
but pretty soon it began to feel good and the rhythme was
begining to get faster and faster pretty
soon he was fucking me so hard it hurt but
it felt so fucking good
i was moaning as i began to feel the tremors pretty soon
i began to cum my hot
cunt was contracting on his long shaft
i was moaning and clawing at his back we fucked a little
while longer and he shot load after load of hot cum all
over my tits and stomach it was a very good fuck for my
first time
i have been a horney little slut ever since
thanks paul!!!

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