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Les, John & Sue

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Basement bedfroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

A long time ago when I was about 17, we traveled to Wisconsin to visit relatives during our summer vacation. It was a long car journey from our home on the west coast. During part of the trip, we stayed at my aunt and uncles farm for about a week. That turned out to be my biggest sexual excitement of my young life. My cousin Leslie (Les) was the same age as me and I hadn’t seen him for some years. We had a lot of fun together on their working farm. Driving a tractor, collecting eggs and swimming in the local ponds kept us busy and entertained. When all the adults left for two days to visit more relatives, Les and I volunteered to say behind and mind the farm. It was during that time that I learned so much about sex I’ll never forget. A lot better than sex education class for sure.

After a hot day of work and play, we entered the farm house through the large basement. Les had a bedroom set up down there that included a bed, TV, couch, dresser and everything a teen needed. He shared his room with the laundry tubs, food storage shelves and a shower stall set up next to the plumbing wall. The shower was just a stall, no dressing room or any area for privacy during dressing. When we entered the basement, Les told me I could go first in the shower. I walked over to the stall and began to get undressed. Les didn’t leave the room, but instead just busied himself looking into a large trunk he had in the corner. I wasn’t particularly shy about being seen naked, since kids did that during showers at Jr and High school gym classes anyway, but just standing there with Les fully clothed and waiting for me to get into the shower did make me think about what he may think of my skinny body or what I considered my very modest sized penis. But I went ahead and just stripped down naked as can be then tried to turn on the shower water. Nothing came out. No water? While trying not to expose my front parts to Les, I faced the wall and asked him what was up with the water.

“Oh, you have to open the main valve over here because the shower valve leaks a little. Here let me show you”. With that Les walked right up next to me and started to turn the water valve. When he turned around he had a direct view of my entire naked body, dick, balls, hair and all. He didn’t stare or anything, but he did look me over pretty well. After that I turned on the water and took my shower. I got out of the small enclosure to dry off, and of course I had forgotten to get a towel. So I had to once again call on Les. He brought over a bath towel and once again got a good frontal view of me. By this time I really didn’t much care what he saw and proceeded to dry my self off right in front of him. With that, Les began to strip down for his shower. He quickly got naked and stood right next to me.

“You can tell we’re related can’t ya”. He said with a grin.
“Huh?” I replied, slightly confused.
“Look at our dicks and cock hair. We’re almost the same aren’t we?” He was right. We were about same size. Both circumcised, light brown pubic hair that matched our heads and our cocks were about the same size. From what I’ve observed, I have a rather large cock head that few others had, and Les’s was just like mine. I felt more at ease.

I got dressed while Les took his shower. I felt a little closer to him having shared our nudity for the brief moment. When Les got out of the shower, he dried off but rather than get dressed, he went over to the big chest and reached down and removed a magazine. I was looking at his dick swinging when he walked over to me, thinking that it has grown slightly larger in the few minutes since I last saw him. Then I realized why.

“Look what I found when I helped clean out the ranch hands quarters. A porn book.”

“No way!” I said.

“Way”. Check it out.

Les opened a page and there was a blond girl with a huge cock in her mouth. I had never seen anything like it before. We turned the page and there was more. And more.

“Here check out page ten.” He said. While I gazed at all the naked girls and manly cocks, Les got dressed.

We ended up sitting together on the old couch turning the pages and making comments about all the naked pussies and cocks we saw. All the while, my teenage cock began to get aroused and I was sure I’d be embarrassed when Les saw my bulging Levis.

Les broke the ice when he finally said “Man, I just may have to jack off after all this.”

I decided to go further by saying “Yea, I haven’t been able to do that since we’ve been on this vacation”.

“I have to jack off about every day or I’ll burst. How can you stand it?” Les said while still looking at the great photos in our little treasure book.

“It ain’t easy but what can I do?” I laughed.

“Well, just go ahead and do it then. I’d hate it if your balls blew up or something!” he laughed.

“Don’t temp me Les. I do feel like I may explode before I get back to my own bedroom.”

“It’s your misery” he finally said.

“Do you mean it? I mean would you gross out if I beat off right here and now?”

“No problem here cousin. I don’t blame you. Don’t let me stop you. Have at it”.

“Aw shit, I’ll do it. You probably think I’m some kind of perv or something, but these photos are driving me nuts.” With that I stood up, unbuckled my Levis’ and dropped them to the cement floor and kicked them away. My dick was nearly fully hard and made a lump in my underwear.

“Here goes.” I said as I dropped them to the ground and kicked them next to my pants. I sat back down to get back to the porn magazine where I had left off. I also got a grip on my lengthening cock and started to play with it a little, feeling my balls, my hair. I knew I was taking a chance being so open and brazen in front of Les. After all, what if he thought I was gay or something? Would he tell his pals about me – or worse, my parents?

There I was, cock in hand, right in front of my fully clothed cousin fondling my engorged penis while he looked on. What the hell, it was too late and I didn’t even care.

Les made me feel much better when he said; “Let me know when that thing is ready to go off so I can stand aside. With a weeks’ worth of cum inside, I don’t want to be knocked over if I’m hit.” We both laughed and I felt much more comfortable knowing he was enjoying my bout with blue balls and was really OK with what I was doing. Still, I had never shared anything so private before.

By now, my dick was fully exposed to Les, and I was as hard as I had ever been. Still, I had not done anything except play with myself – just shy of a full jack off session. But I had gone too far not to finish this sexual exploit. Within a minute, my fumbling of my rod had turned into a nice slow stroking motion. I was jacking off in front of someone for the first time. I focused on the photos and continued to jack. Occasionally, I would rub my hand through my pubic hair. I always liked doing this while I jacked. I didn’t have as much as other boys I’ve seen at my age. No hair line going up to my navel. Just a nice patch of hair right over my dick. Les was the same way.

“I feel kind of odd sitting here in front of you like this. Are you sure you don’t mind?” I said.

“OK, well, if it will make you feel any better, maybe I’ll join you.” These photos are making me hot and I need to blow off too.” Now I was really feeling better. Les stood up and dropped his pants, turned towards me and pulled his boxers down exposing his hard dick. I never considered myself having any ‘gay’ tendencies, but I’ll admit I was turned on by the sight of Les and his dick. Even hard, it looked just like mine – about five inches long and fairly thick – with the big head too.

While we were slowly gliding our hands up and down our hard teen shafts, we talked about girls and wished we had one here with us. I asked Les if he was a virgin. He admitted that although he had a girlfriend who lived nearby, he had never progressed farther and heavy kissing and once felt her breasts for a few seconds while at a drive in movie. I told him it was about the same with me, still a virgin and having only participated in a nice kiss-fest with a plain looking girl from school. Not a lot. By this time I had some clear fluid oozing out of my dick and I didn’t try to hide it from him. I rubbed it around the head of my dick. It was slippery and felt good. I normally didn’t get much pre-cum unless I was really turned on – but I was really, really turned on. Les watched me do this and didn’t seem to care.

With all the talk and porn I finally announced; “I’m about to shoot. Do you have a rag or something?”

“Just do it on the floor. We can clean it up with the mop.” Les replied. “But let me see it when you do. I want to see how much you have there all pent up and all.”

Once again I felt a little embarrassed, about myself, but the pressing cum in my balls was too much for me to hold back for much longer so I decided to go along with it.

By this time I was standing up in the middle of the basement and I had really begun to go into fast stroking mode. Les walked next to me for his better view.

“Have you done this before – with someone else?” I asked.

“Hey, no way, this is the first time but I want to see how I compare to the rest of the world and all.” He grinned.

I think I understood what he meant by that. What boy didn’t think he was small, different, or somehow lacking in sexual matters?

I was getting close. Les was slowly stroking his cock while starring directly at mine when I cried out; “OK, here she comes!” I felt a wonderful tingling starting in my ass that worked itself forward into my balls and dick. With my hand pounding my five inch dick, I erupted. The first shot of white semen shot out about three feet and landed on the cold floor. Then the next, going about a foot, the third going just a few inches, then several more spurts oozing out into my hand and dripping onto the floor. Oh my god, did it feel great. It was the most I’d ever shot.

All the time Les was there wide-eyed and looking at me. He had never seen anyone else jack off and this was quite an erotic treat for him too. The sight was too much, bringing him to his climax also. “Whoa, shit Cuz, here I go too!” With that, Les shot out a nice load of white cum, going only about 2 inches, the rest pouring out and into his pounding fist. He let out several moans and pleasure groans just like I did. The floor was a mess.

“Oh man, that was a big load you shot. I’ve never seen such a shot. I never shoot that far.” He said.

I was going new places, I’d never talked like this before. “That was a record for me. It must have been all that pent-up jizz I had from not being able to jack off for nearly nine days.” It’s true, I normally only shoot my load an inch or two max. This was extraordinary and I somehow felt manlier in doing it so far.

We sat back down on the couch and watched our cocks slowly soften and loose their erections. I was still very turned on however and was giving some consideration for introducing the idea of doing it again when there was a noise at the basement door.

“Oh shit, get dressed, quick.” Les blurted out. “I think our parents must have come back early.” But they hadn’t.

Instead, standing at the door was the girl from the next farm. Les’s girl friend. He could see her from the side window. We quickly jumped into our clothes and wondered what to do next. The problem was resolved for us when Sue slowly pushed the door open to let her self in.

Sue was a nice looking girl of 16 years. Not a beauty but cute. She was wearing a checkered dress with tennis shoes. Thin waste, small boobs.

“What’s up Les?” she asked. “Who’s this?” looking at me with my red face.

“This is my cousin John. He’s out here visiting us for awhile. Our parents are out visiting. How ya doing Sue?”

“OK, just bored, thought I’d stop by. I’ll go now since you’re busy and all.”

“No, stay” Les said, not wanting to look guilty like he felt. He needed to assure Sue that she was welcome here because this was only the second time she had come by and then his parents were there and they all stayed up on the first floor. Never before had Les had a girl visit his basement.

Sue sat down and we all talked for a few minutes. Les went up and brought down Cokes for all of us. Sue was looking around. Then the very unexpected happened. Sue got up, walked over to the coffee table in the corner and pick up the porn magazine that we had been reading.

“What’s this?” Sue asked.

“Oh shit” I thought. I got up and went over to her and tried to take it away from her. She was quick and held it behind her back before I could grab it.

“That belongs to John.” Les threw me under the bus but I really didn’t blame him. What else could he do? With his ‘want to be’ girlfriend standing there looking at giant cocks and blowjobs going on, he had to divert away from having her think he was some kind of pervert or something.

“I’m sorry you had to see that Sue” Les said.

By this time Sue was beginning to firm up her suspicions. Although she had never been in the basement before, something didn’t look right here. She made a slow tour around the room checking things out while she thought.

“Oh my God!. Now I get it! You guys were masturbating weren’t you?”

“No way!” Les exclaimed. We were both feeling trapped now.

“Yes, you were masturbating over this porno book!”

“No” was all Les could get out in his weak denial.

“Oh my God, look, on the floor. What’s that? Is that your semen? It is isn’t it? Who did it? Did you both? Oh God!”

We didn’t have enough time to mop up our mess. Now we were caught.

“So, when did you do this? It looks fresh. It is isn’t it?”

Now Les felt that his relationship with his neighbor girl was ruined. Would she tell his parents? His friends? He decided that since everything was destroyed between him and her, he’d just charge right in and take whatever she dished out like a man. He could deny whatever she said – but somehow he doubted that Sue would have the nerve to talk about such stuff to her or his parents.

“OK, you got us. You’re right, that’s what it is.” I looked at Les like he was nuts. “We kind of got carried away looking through that book and one thing led to another, and being boys and all. Well yea, we masturbated as you say. Us guys call it jacking off, but yes, guilty as charged. So what?”

It was done. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t look Sue in the face. She starred at both of us and didn’t seem to know what to say. She slowly bent down to look at the white cum on the floor, then moved over and picked up the porn book again and turned through several pages.

“I’ve never seen such stuff. Look at this. Damn”. That was the first time Les had heard Sue cuss. He figured she’d be giving him a good cussing in a moment or two.

“We’re really sorry Sue. I hope you don’t think we’re a couple of gay sick-o’s or something. It’s my fault. I never should have brought the book here.” I went along with Les’s lie. I just got too horny, that’s all. We’re really embarrassed and sorry.”

“Sue, if you tell my parents, I’ll deny it. I have to tell you that.” Less proclaimed.

“OK I won’t. I’d be too embarrassed to even bring it up. But Les, is this what boys want? This kind of ugly stuff?”

Les replied; “What’s so ugly about it? It’s what people do. Adults anyway. Probably married couples. Maybe even your own parents don’t ya think?”

“Oh my, I doubt mom and dad could do this! Do you think?”

I added; “I think most people at least wished they did that stuff.”

Sue turned and took a few steps away from us then said; “Would you show me how you did it. Both of you? Please?”

We looked at each other, then Les said; “What?” Not believing his ears.

“I admit, I’d like to see how a boy does it – you know, jack off. And since you two seem to enjoy doing it in front of each other, I’d like to be in on it. Up close and all.”

Could this be happening? Did I hear a girl ask to see me jack off? Before I could respond, Les said; “Since you caught us and all, and since I’ll never live this down, I may as well go all the way. John, I’ll only do it if you do too. What do you say?”

“I’m so embarrassed, I’m not so sure. I’m not sure I can. You know, can do it in front of a girl. Her just starring at me and all.” I murmured.

“We’ll do it!” Les said before I could think of anything else. “We’ll do it now; and in front of you. Come on John, let’s do it. You know you want to.”

Oh God. Could this be true? Will we, could we? Then the thought of me shooting a wad for a girl – a girl that I would never see again – seemed hot. Yes, I’d do it. After all, I just got naked and jacked off in front of a boy didn’t I. So this would somehow seem better to jack off with a girl present. Not so gay and all.

“OK, I’m game.” I heard myself saying.

“So, how do you do it? I mean how do you get started and all?” Sue asked. Things were moving quickly now.

“Well, we start by stripping naked of course. I mean we could do it with just our dicks exposed, but you’d miss the change to see everything, right?” He said smiling.

By now I was starting to get into this sexy thing and was beginning to feel my dick move a bit. It felt good. Real good, knowing a girl would see my cock for the first time.

“OK, here I go. Sue are you sure?” I gave here one more chance to change her mind.

“Waiting, waiting.” She replied.

With that, I dropped my Levi’s and pulled off my tee shirt exposing my rather skinny chest and arms. I didn’t have a great, nor muscular body. By belly was flat but my chest was only defined, not exaggerated with muscles. Sue was starring at me and my growing bulge in my undies. Then, off they went. I dropped them to the floor and casually walked around in a wide circle, showing off my nudity, my growing dick. Sue stared.

“Shit, he did it” I heard Les say. Sue was wide-eyed and starring at me. At my dick. My dream come true.

“Here I go too”. Then off with his clothes too. Less was built like me, about the same size but had a little more meat on his bones than I. A little thicker in the waist.

“Oh my God, I don’t believe this” – again from Sue.

As if on queue, we both walked over to Sue and presented our hairy dicks to her. Right in front of her face. My erection was at full tilt by now. Being naked in front of a girl made me recover from that last jack off extra quickly. When the time came, I only hoped that I could shoot another wad.

“I can’t believer you two are really doing this!”

“It was your idea. How do you like it so far?” Les offered.

Getting over the shock; “You guys are great. Let me see up close an all”. We moved in letting her get a full up close look at our dicks and balls. All of us, right there.

“Nice. So when do you start?”

With that, we all sat down on the couch. Sue in the middle, Les on her left and me on her right. And we jacked off. Right there so she could see real good.

“Would you like to join us? It seems only fair”. Les asked – or begged.

“I’m afraid you guys may try to take advantage of me”.

“You mean fuck you?” I said. The word sounded so dirty. “We’d never do that. You’re too nice a girl and all. But we’d really like to see you do it too.”

“Do you promise? I’d yell rape if you tried to. No touching either”.

“No way Sue. Trust us.”

With that Sue stood and removed her blouse and pulled down her rather long dress leaving only her bra, panties and tennis shoes, which looked rather odd. Off went the shoes, then the bra. We both got our first view of a girls tits. And they were very nice. Small but firm. My dick was standing at attention. I wanted to touch her but we promised and all.

When the panties came off, we were mesmerized by the sight of her pussy. She had more pubic hair than we did and it was dark. I could see her pinkish looking lips through the hair however. I moved in and got a real good close up view before she touched herself.

As we jacked off she announced that we could not even touch her. She was afraid that somehow that would lead to ‘sex’.

We were just fine sitting here jacking off with a girl, thank you. We’d have sex at some other time with some other girl. For now, this was new and wonderful.

“I like your dicks. The way your balls sag and bounce. Your dicks look so big. Are they?” Sue finally asked. Hearing her talk about us, me, that way was a real turn on.

“Just regular I guess” I replied. The temptation was to exaggerate but at this point, too many truths had been spoken to ruin it with lies.

“Thinking of something that big inside of me is a bit scary.” Those words made us feel like studs – even though we knew we weren’t. But from that moment on, I never doubted that my dick size would fail me in life. And it didn’t.

Sue took turns watching both of us while Les and I starred at Sue fingering herself.

“How far will you shoot?” Sue asked openly.

“Not far. We’ve already unloaded once within the hour so don’t expect much.” Les replied boldly.

By now, Sue was moving her finger in a circular motion inside her pussy while keeping the lips opened with her other hand. She was really into it. She was hot.

After a few minutes of pleasuring ourselves, to our delight, Sue appeared to be the first to get off. To our surprise, she moaned, groaned and started panting in pleasure. We watched as she whispered “here it is” and closed her eyes and went into a real girl orgasmic cycle. It was wonderful. It seemed to last a full minute.

Seeing her go off, brought Les to his second orgasm of the day. Sue recovered just in time to watch the white jizz ooze out of Les’s dick head. With his eyes closed, he pumped and pumped until his thin half-load was out and dripping down his hand. I admit, it was hot to see Les with his hand wrapped around his dick, white cum dripping down into his hair, all while Sue and I watched on at such a normally private moment. “Geez” was all Sue could say of the sight.

It was too much for me. I announced for my onlookers “Oh God, I’m going to cum!” They both stared at me as I went into a wonderful tingling feeling of euphoria, my cock erupted and spewed out another gushier of white semen. I shot about two inches into the air landing most of it onto my leg. Another and another spurt like hot lava over my engorged dick head, onto my hand and into my pubic hair. I was rock hard and proud.

Sue was watching closely the whole time, drinking in the wonderful sight of not one, but two boys experiencing sexual delights. She would never forget it.

We looked at each other and Sue finally said “Thanks guys. You behaved yourselves very well. I really liked the demonstration.”

“Obviously we liked it too.” Les replied.

We all dressed in front of each other, slowly and that too was exciting. Something new. A naked girl putting on a bra and slipping her hairy pussy into panties, getting dressed in front of us – while we dabbed the last of the slippery semen off of our sagging penises. No longer shy, no longer so inexperienced – we were as one.

The following year, Sue moved with her parents to a larger farm about 50 miles away. Les never had any contact with her. Nor I of course.

Les and I have not communicated to each other in several years. But I’m sure that like me, he often relives our little day in the basement.

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