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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: WHORE HOUSE
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was 18 and still a virgin. My Group of friends (4 person) decided to visit a whore house and I was curious and wanted to try fucking. Before this I only managed to watch blue films but have not even touched a woman before let alone looking at a women naked.
When we entered the whore house, we were greated by a few pimps. They asked us to choose from at least 40 girls sitting on a display rack. I choose a Chinese Gril whom is about 23 years of age.
After we got into the room, we striped naked. When I saw her body, my cock started eracting and my legs were shivering. Boy I was so scared but wanted to try here out. We started with a 69,(I don’t know that I’m not suppose to lick her pussy, but I have not seen one yet, so decided to try and taste it), she gave me a very good blow job I almost come in her mouth.
After that I Fucked and foundled her breast, but while fucking, my cock became small again (TOO NERVIOUS), so she sucked my cock again (EVEN LICKED MY ASS HOLE AND EAT MY BALLS) after a while my cock was big again.
I fucked her pussy with tradisional style first then doggie and lastly her ass hole. After fucking her ass hole I shoot into her ass and she toke my cock back into her mouth and sucked me dry.
Then she told me that I was great and wanted me to fuck her more FOC. She gave me her address and Mobile Phone No too.
Few days later, I called her and we met up again. This time at her house, We FUCKED AGAIN AND UNTIL NOW WE ARE STILL SEEING EACH OTHER (THANK YOU CHRISTINA)


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