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Lee and Me

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was quite nervous being alone in his house with him. We have been teasing each other so much on the phone lately that I knew the sexual tension was as thick as could be.

He invited me to have a drink and sat opposite me at the dining table. Blame it on the heavy, humid air or hormones, but as we stared into each others eyes, all I could think of was having him near me, having him inside me…

As if sensing my quite desire, he got up and stood behind me. He played with my long curly hair, pulling and tugging playfully until I felt totally relaxed. Closing my eyes, savouring the sensation of being massaged, the next thing I knew, his hands closed around my breasts. My eyes flew open immediately. Grabbing one of his hands, I brought it to my lips and planted a soft kiss. Pulling his hand away, he placed it again on my breast. Slowly, he massaged me through my clothes, making me feel so horny. I could feel I was already getting moist down there and although I’ve never had sex with a man before, I have had lots of DIY sessions.

He stopped. He stood in front of me and pulled me up. hugging me close, he asked if I was sure I knew what I was doing. In reply, i just pulled him down for a kiss (he was 6ft. while I was just slightly over 5ft!!)

His back was probably killing him, so he pulled me down to the carpeted floor. Pulling me atop him, I straddled his hips easily. Wanting to make me familiar with his body, he encouraged me to touch and feel him. Ibend down to kiss him, tentatively probing my tongue into his mouth while my hands were busy doing a little exploring.

I could feel the beginning of his erection pushing against my pussy. Unconsciously, I rubbed myself harder against it. In responce, he reached for my breasts again (large, 38DD) and squeezed. We continued this play until finally I was so flushed and gasping for breathing really heavily.

He pulled me up and carried me to his room. Pacing my slowly on his bed, he stepped back and stripped his shirt, leaving his jeans unzipped for space. He said he didn’t want to shock me or anything….

He lay atop me and kissed me some more. Tongues mated. Our mouths fucked each other. My jaw was actually quite tired from all the action. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and sipped and tasted. I could feel my pussy juices dripping, drenching my panties. Instinctively, I rubbed my cunt against his bulge. Oh! He was definitely growing bigger!

Realising my need for more action, he slowly undid the buttons of my sundress, exposing the creamy flesh at the top of my peach lace bra. He kissed his way down from my neck, biting and liking as he went. His hands were now at my pussy. He felt me through the drenched peach lace panties and rubbed the silk material against my slick heat. Wet as I was, the material slipped deeper into my slit. I gasped out in delight.

Finally, my dress was chucked to one corner of the room, leaving my in my straining bra, nipples portruding, and wet panties stuffed indecently at the crotch. Pulling back, he stood up and just looked at me from top to toe. I could see his bulge clearly and now and what I saw made me shiver with sinful pleasure and slight apprehension. He looked so big.

Wanting to satisfy my curiousity, I sat up and pulled him towards me. Slowly I lowered his jeans and threw them together with my dress. Reaching for his briefs, I slowly pulled that down, too. Out came his hard-as-steel cock; all 8 in. of it with a diameter that my tiny hand can’t even circle! My God, this man is HUGE!!! How the hell is he going to fit inside me? I thought to myself.

At this point however, lust had taken over and all I wanted was that piece of meat stuffed inside my hot cunt, humping and pounding away until I cum all over the bed!

Noticing the hungry look in my eyes, he pushed me back on the mattress and gently nudged my thighs apart with his knees. Slowly, he dropped gentle sips and kisses all the way down to my feet. I was squirming terribly by now. Then, he made his way up again. This time however, he stopped at the juncture of my thighs. He gave a hard tug and off went the silk panties. He moved further up and unhooked my bra, releasing my heavy breasts into his waiting hands.

He sucked my nipples until they were pointed and achy while one of his hands was busy exploring my pussy. “AAaaahhh!” was all I could say. I bucked against him, arching my body into his.

He kissed his way down to my drenched pubic hair and with his fingers, pulled my pussy lips apart, exposing my dripping cunt to him. He planted a tongue-fucking kiss over my cunt, probing and swirling his tongue in my hole.

I screamed in extreme pleasure “Aaaaghhhhhhh!!!!!”
My hips began bucking wildly, forcing his tongue deeper into my steaming cunt. Unable to hold back, I cum wildly, dripping my juices on his face.

He moved up and kissed me, letting my taste myself in his kiss. I was so turned on that I started pulling him closer to me and scratching his butt to pull him closer to me.

Knowing I was impatient, and hardly able to hold himself any longer, he grabbed my ankles and hooked my knees over his shoulder. Pushing my thighs towards me, I was open to him as widely possible, dripping down my cunt to the crack of my ass.

“Pleeaaasee, Lee!” I pleaded for mercy.

Drawing back, he positioned his hard, throbbing cock slowly into my waiting heat. My eyes closed from the sheer pleasure of it. Pushing in deeper, he encountered the expected barrier. Pushing my thighs even closer to me, he began to finger my clit, rubbing and massaging.

“Ooh! Ah! Aah!!” I was squirming impatiently for more.

He thrust hard and quick, taking my breath away with the pain and total pleasure of having the full length of his cock buried inside me. Engrossed with his play on my clit, the pain was only acute. Stinging, really.

Stopping his movements for a while, he allowed my body time to expand and accommodate his cock before proceeding. I was so impatient for him that I started moving my hips up and down against him. As I was in that particular position, I felt him pierce right to my heart.

“Oh Yes! Lee…. More” I was deliriously dizzy with pleasure.

My Ooohs and Aaahhhs drowned out every other sound in the neighbourhood as he pounded harder and deeper into my cunt. “Oh! yes! YesyesyesYES!!” I bucked wildly, harder and faster trying to keep up with him.

Hi cock was now a blur pounding and hitting against my cunt, squelching with every thrust as I was really, really wet.

The sound was making me even hornier, and I guess he felt the same because he started moaning and growling as he pumped his cock, deeper. Deeper. Faster. Faster. Deeep… In… Out… In! Out! In! Out! Until

“AAaaahhhhh!!!!!!” came my scream of pleasure.
“Uunnnnnhhhhhhh!!!!” came his groan of triumph.

He shot his hot steaming load deep into my cunt. I could feel his cock twitching and throbbing inside me while my cunt muscles milked him, contracting and squeezing around his cock.

Finally, we kissed each other really deeply and dozed off, totally spent.

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