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leaving school

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

well it was raining . and it seemed as if there was no body at school . so my boyfriend jeff cut class and came to my lunch period . my friends didn’t really like him . so we are sitting there making out the he puts his hand on my tits . i stop and look at him . then i walked out knowing that half the people in there saw what happened . i am i type that never shows how i really am . i am a real freak but didn’t show it . my friends look at him and started to lauge thinking i was mad at him . i stood in the hall for 4 min. . then he came out i smiled at him he smiled back . he was the only person in the school who knew that i was a freak .yet i never had sex befor . since no one really came to school that day we left (at my school there is open campus) . we went to my house because he know that i do not go to boy’s houses . there was no one home . we started making out and touching each other . he put his hand and started to rub my pussy . i was so horny . then he put his two fingers in me then i started to move around so it would feel better . then he took the fingers out and asked if he could put three fingers in i said yes , but why don’t we just have real sex . then he started to tell me that being that i never had sex befor i would be two tight to have the kind if sex we always talked about on the phone . then i smiled . him saying that was sweet because he was caring about how i felt . then he tryed his three fingers it was hard to get them in but it felt good after puting it in and taking it out a few times . then we started to take all of our cloths of . his dick we way bigger then hid three fingers . i was like wow . them told him to try four fingers he said no that it will not hurt . so we started to make out again then i opened my legs wide . he started to put his big dick in my pussy then i stopped him . i looked at him and then at his dick and asked where his condom was he didn’t have one, good thing i went to health class that day were we were talking about save sex and they gave out female and male condoms . (i took more then i was give ) i asked him if i could put it on for him because i learned how to put on male condoms correctly that day . after puting on his rain coat we started. he put his dick in slowly there was pain but good feeling pain . he went in some more time then i told him to go faster that felt so good . we did this all day . we did it many ways 69 , doggy style and many more . good to say we are still togethere . the relationship is good and sooooooo is the sex .but do you think it will last when you write your story put you answer.

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