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Learn a lesson!!!!!!

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Don't Know!
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This is not a story that I would like to repeat, as it is very sad! The only reason I am telling it to you is that I hope that some girls will learn the lesson that my friend and I did A couple of years ago.

It was right after school was out for the summer and my friend Gia and I went to a party. I had just turned 14 the week before and Gia was 13, almost 14. We heard that this was going to be a hot party and it wasn’t very far from our house. We walked there and had fun. We started drinking and met some guys. Most of the people there were older, but there were a few people our age there. We were having alot of fun and we both got excited that some of the older guys were looking at us. We started talking to them and then drank with them. The party was over and both of us were pretty wasted. We started to walk back to Gia’s house and we were giggling and stumbling around. I remember a van pulled up and it was some of the guys that we were drinking with at the party. They asked us if we wanted a ride and we said Yes. After we got into the van, they gave us some booze and I guess we passed out. (I later found out that we were given drugs to knock us out) When we woke up, both Gia and I had our hands tied behind our backs and we were blindfolded. Both of us had really bad headaches and felt really sick. I don’t have to say that we were both scared shitless. For a while, all we could do was sit there. After a while, we heard a door open and then our blindfolds were taken off. There were 4 guys from the party standing there and they were laughing at us. When I looked around, we were in a room tht was all cement and it didn’t have any windows. there were two matresses laying on the ground and some kind of a toilet and a shower with no walls or anything. They laughed at us and asked if we were scared. Gia and I asked where were were and what was going to happen. The guys just laughed at us again. They told us that we asked them to bring us to another party and that was what we were going to do. They untied Gia and then untied me. They made us stand up and then they told us to take off our clothes. We begged them not to do anything to us but all they did was laugh. They told us to take our clothes off again. We didn’t do it and 2 of the guys grabbed me and ripped my blouse open and then punched me in the stomach. I fell down and they pulled me back up and told me to strip. My blouse was ripped open and just hanging there. I took it off then then they made me take my jeans off. I was shaking so hard and didn’t get my bra off fast enough so one guy came up and just ripped it off. When I tried to cover my breasts with my hands, he reached down and tore my panties off. They didn’t even give Gia a chance to undress herself and they just started to rip her clothes off until she was naked too. We both tried to cover ourselves with our hands and they laughed and told us not to. They kept looking at us and then they asked us if we were virgins or not. Neither of us said anything and then one of them said that they would see if we were going to bleed or not. Gia and I were crying and begging them not to hurt us, but they didn’t care. Two of them grabbed me and tied my hands behind my back and told me to watch. One of them grabbed Gia and the other one took all his clothes off and forced Gia on the matress and started to rape her. She was screaming and cryin, but they didn’t care. When the first one was finished, he laughed and said to the other guys, “look at all the blood”. A second guy had his clothes off and he raped her next. One guy that was holding me, started to feel my breasts and he said that I was going to be his. I was crying so hard and I tried to turn away and not watch what was happening to Gia, but they made me look. Whe they third guy got on top of Gia, the guy that was holding me, asked if I was going to bleed for him. When I didn’t answer him, he grabbed my breast really hard and twisted my nipple. I screamed Yes, and he smiled and said Good! I don’t know what happened to Gia next, because the guy threw me down on my back and forced my legs open. All I remember was him smiling at me and telling me that I was going to love my first cock. I remember his face and the sudden pain of when he penetrated me. I don’t remember much after the first guy raped me, but Gia later told me that they made her watch while the 4 guys took turns raping me. After they were finished, they untied our hands and made us clean up the blood on the floor and between our legs. They got dressed and laughed that it was nice that we were virgins. They left and locked us in the room and left us naked with nothing to wear. Both Gia and I got sick right after. we cried for a long time. One guy came in and told us to get cleaned up. we didn’t know what he wanted us to do , so he pointed at the shower and told us to get clean. He watch us as we took showers and then he gave us each a towel. He left us in the room and at lest we had towels to wrap around us. Later anothr guy came in and then another guy. One took Gia to the matress. He pulled her towel off and then dropped his pants and made Gia give him oral sex. They other guy forced me to my knees and took my towel off and made me do the same thing to him. They both ejaculated in our mouths and made us swallow their semen. They left and about an hour later the other two guys came in and made us do it to them. Since there wer no windows, we couldn’t tell time but we fell asleep after that. It must have been morning or something, one of them came in and started to feel me up. he made Gia watch while he fondled my breasts and then he put his finger up me. Gia tried to run to the door, but it was locked, so he grabbed her and raped her on the floor. That day, we were both raped several times by different guys. I don’t know how long we were there, but they did alot of awful things to us. Everyday, we were raped and made to give them oral sex. One day, they took pictures of Gia and me naked and made us pose naked in front of them. They took videos of them taking turns raping us. They came in one day and forced Gia and I to have sex with each other. they made us take pils and other drugs and even held us down while another guy stuck needles of stuff into us. Both Gia and I were really sick for a couple of days and that was the only time that they didn’t rape us or anything. One day, the 4 guys came in and they brough 4 other guys that we had never seen before and all 8 of them forced us to have sex with them. It was the first time that they made us have anal sex. If we cried or screamed, they beat us and would rape us harder. we were raped so much that day, we had trouble walking and they laughed at us and did it some more. It must have lasted a couple of days with the 8 of them. When they got tired, they made Gia and I do it to each other or they took more nude pictures of us. One guy seemed like the leader and he grabbed me and asked me if my pussy was so yet. I said yes and he laughed and made me have anal sex with him while another guy made me give him oral sex at the same time. The others liked that idea and made Gia do the same thing. One day they had other guys rape us too. Some times they would come in during the night and have sex with either one of us. It was so sick one day, when they made gia sit there while about 6 or 7 of them took turns masturbating on her and covering her with their semen. They made me come over and lick it off of her and then they made me rub it all over her body and then mine. They masturbated on me too and left us there. They forced us to take more drugs and laughed when were were high and raped us again and again. More guys came over and took turns raping us.

One day. the first 4 guys came in and took tunrs with both of us. Gia and I give each other oral sex while they took pictures and videos. they tied us up again and blindfolded us. They made us get into a van (I know because of the way the door sounded)We were still naked. I think we drove for hours and then the car stopped and they threw us out of the van. We were still naked and after a while I managed to get my blindfold off and helped get Gia’s off too. We were in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere. We tried but we couldn’t get our hands free. Finally a car stopped and and older couple helped us and called the police. We were taken to the hospital and checked out. Our parents came and we cried and cried for hours. I found out the we had been held for almost a month. none of the guys were ever caught and I live in fear everyday. Both gia and I go to counseling twice a week and altough it helps, we will never be the same. It was about a month later that both Gia and I found out the we were pregnant. We both had abortions. It was awful to think that we had each been raped by at least 10 or 12 guys and we didn’t know which one was the father. We both had to have blood tests done after a few months and it turned out that both Gia and myself are now HIV positive. Our lives will never be the same. Sometimes I wish I was dead. We thought it was bad enough that we became pregnant because of rape and that we had to have abortions. Now we have to live with the fact that we will die of AID’s. I will never forget this. I will never forget what happened to us. It was like it happened yesturday. Maybe some people forget because that’s they way their minds work. both Gia and I, think about it everyday of our lives and I wish it never would have happened. We thought we were so cool to go out and party and get drunk with guys that we didn’t know.

I read so many stories on this list and how girls lost their virginity and how nice it was and how fun it was. My virginity is gone and although it wasn’t my fault (maybe it was) I will never know what it would be like to give my virginity to some one I love. I haven’t had sex since that day and because of my HIV statis, I don’t know that I ever will. My last request is for girls to be careful.
My goal now is to fo around and teach girls to watch out and not think that it could not happen to them.

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