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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: School changing rooms
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

By the age of 13 I was well into puberty as I was very much an early developer. I had a reputation at school of spending a considerable amount of my time with erections. I used to wear pants made from a toweling material to soak up my pre cum as I was always feeling wet and often had to go into a toilet cubicle and relief the tension by mastubating – often I would do this 4 or 5 times a day. Prior to our PE sessions in our changing rooms we would get upto plenty of mischief and some ingenious boys had managed to drill holes covered up by coat hooks into the ajoining girls changing rooms. Swimming was the only PE lesson that was mixed sex so all the boys really looked forward to seeing the girls in there swimming costumes plus we had the opportunity to see them changing through the drilled holes. We all took turns in looking and it was amazing to see girls in various stages of puberty and I particularly couldn’t stop looking at Laura because even at 13 she had a beautiful shapely body, perfect breasts and a very bushy crotch that could hardly be contained by her bikini bottoms. As I was looking at her I couldn’t stop myself having a very full erection which didn’t go unnoticed by my class mates or our PE teacher. So to teach me a lesson it was my turn to take part in a erection test that we did as a bit of fun when getting changed with another lad chosen called David. The purpose of the test was to get an erection without any touching of the penis and then to hang as many items as possible like towels, bags etc. on it until they either slipped off or you went soft. As I said earlier erections were never a problem to me and I had the avantage of just seeing Laura naked and even at that age had a good sized penis that was also very thick. The competiton started and David didn’t really have a chance as he hadn’t started puberty properly and only had a small penis so after putting a towel over his penis and a gym bag they slipped off – I managed another towel and and a couple of pairs of trainers laced across me. Whilst I was still trying to add more items David the loser suffered his fate of being stripped naked and pushed out of the changing rooms for everyone outside to see him. We finished getting changed but when I tried putting my trunks on I still had a very obvious erection. So as we walked through the foot bath before going out the door and down the steps to the swimming pool I hang back waiting for my penis to go down somewhat. Then I heard a voice behind me and I turned around to see Laura standing there looking amazing in her bikini. She said I believe you could do with some help looking down at my very hard penis trying to escape from my trunks. I couldn’t believe my luck and have my friend Chris to thank for telling Laura how much I wanted her. We started kissing, her firm breasts just fell into my hands, rubbing and kissing her lovely nipples, running my hands down into her very wet vulva, inserting a finger in her vagina and seeing her nearly cum within a few seconds. I just had to get my penis inside her now so the only place we could go was a toilet cubicle, I locked the door behind us, pulled down my trunks and she got down onto her knees and started sucking and licking my penis without a word. I pushed her head into me so she nearly swallowed by penis whole. I was in heaven by this time but so close to cumming I pulled out of her mouth to prolong the enjoyment. It was now my turn to return the favour so I stripped off her bikini and she sat spreadeagled on the toilet edge and I pushed my face into her very wet crotch and started to lick her vigorously, the smell and taste of her is an experiance I will never forget as it was such a turn on. I couldn’t wait any longer and neither could Laura so she stood up and guided my penis inside her – it slipped into her with ease to my amazement as we were both very aroused and wet. I then began to pump my penis in and out of her trying to make the strokes as long as possible to get the most feelings I could – at the same time as this I rubbed her nipples. It wasn’t long before she started breathing deeply she held my buttocks firmly and then let out a scream of enjoyment after having a orgasm. This just increased my excitement to a point where I made the hardest thrust I could and pushed by penis deep inside her and then ejaculated with a least a dozen bursts of cum. This was the best PE lesson you could imagine. We had to clean ourselves up so she put her bikini back on I put my trunks on, I unlocked the cubicle door and then we went under the showers to wash everything away which included us both urinating. As we had learnt in a sex education lesson a few weeks before it can stop you getting infections even though neither of us had had sex before which I subsequently found strange . She went back to the girls changing rooms and I dried myself and got changed before my class mates came back in from swimming. Nothing was said by them but I got a few smiles and winks later. I was fortunate enough to have sex with Laura several more times that year but always wore a condom from then on with her.

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