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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: His Families Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was young and dumb and just wanted to have some fun. He was gorgeous, had a girlfriend but had only had sex a couple of times before. My best friend Brenda and I were walking down the street near her home, when he and his best friend Kye drove by. Brenda asked me to call them back, and so I did. At first I couldnÆt stand Jaymz or Kye and couldnÆt understand why Brenda would want anything to do with either of them. That night, after dropping his girlfriends car back at her house, Jaymz and Kye came back over to BrendaÆs. She couldnÆt make up her mind which one she wanted more. So she sucked both of them off, while I watched (not really excited at all by any of it). After she was done, which didnÆt take long at all, they both went home. Brenda continued to see them but ended up only dating Jaymz, after he got rid of HER (the girlfriend). Now Jaymz and I became good friends and hung out allot. Secretly, I wanted him for me and not for her, he was better than that and I couldnÆt understand there connection (SEX).

One night my family had a BBQ, Brenda was suppose to come, but didnÆt show and Kye and Jaymz came instead. That night, I got the most unbelievable kiss from Jaymz, one I longed for for several months, I came right on the spot, just as I thought I would !!!!

Several months went by, Brenda and Jaymz were over she moved on and Jaymz and I were still friends. He came to me one night and said he was leaving for the army and wasnÆt sure when and if he was coming back. Yet another kiss and no further as he walked away from my door, with the chance of never seeing him again. Six months later he returned home, and I had moved he searched everywhere. And… finally one day ran into me at the grocery store. We talked, laughed, exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. Timing was all bad, I had a boyfriend, then him a girlfriend we seemed to never be single at the same time.

About a year later, his mom asked if I would watch his brothers and sisters (6 kids total) while her and her husband went out for a break.. Of course, hoping to one day be part of the family, I said yes. I was putting the kids to bed, when I felt two hands grab me from behind and a kiss on my neck. I tingled with a sensation I never felt before. I turned to him and planted a kiss right on his lips. Yes, he did have a girlfriend, but I didnÆt care I wanted him and he wanted me.

We went to his old room, where his bed,(that hung from chains ( NO KIDDING) , was, he softly laid me on the bed and continued to kiss my lips, then slowly leaving a trail of kisses all over my body. My pussy was wet and he was hard as a rock. I remember thinking I wanted him inside me so bad, that it hurt. He lowered himself down to the end of the bed and spread my legs open to open my lips and lick all around my hot wet button. I came over and over and never felt so good in my life. Wanting to make him feel as good I was feeling I raised myself off the bed and lowered myself in front of him taking his hard hot rod deep into my throat. Now I have to tell you for my first time I must have been AWESOME because all it did was make him hotter harder and wanting more. He came so hard in my mouth and I didnÆt miss a drop. Finally, it came time I wanted him inside me. It didnÆt hurt like I thought it would. Actually it was a feeling I will NEVER forget. We tried all the positions we could think of before his parents came home and we had to stop. Or next sexual experience was even better, and Brenda joined in.. I must say women do definitely know how to please a woman.

Years have gone by and Jaymz and I are finally married (after 9 years off and on) and neither of us have seen Brenda in years. The sex is still AWESOME, I love pleasing him and he loves pleasing me.

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