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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: HIS HOUSE
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

ok, this is a true story. if you don’t believe it, thats your problem, cuz it actually happened.

my name is carmen, and i’m 5″7, weigh 130, have dark brown hair and eyes, and wear a 34c cup. this happened when i was 21. it was summer, and living in texas it gets real hot. so, i used to wear attire suited for the weather. this included short shorts, or daisy dukes, miniskirts, tight tank tops, sports bra’s, shit like that. well, one day i came home from some college classes i was taking at a junior college, and noticed my next door neighbors kid sitting on his front steps talking on the phone to one of his friends. i glanced at him and smiled. we really didn’t know each other, but his name was brian. as i was opening the door i heard him say to his friend, my next door neighbor is so fucking fine!! this made me smile, because when your 15, like he was, almost all you can think of was sex. i wondered what he was thinking of and saying to his friend after i went inside.

i came outside after thirty minutes, and to my surprise he was still outside, so i went over and started talkin to him. he hung up with his friend, and started chatting with me. a conversation that started with his parents and school quickly became one of sex. i asked himif he was a virgin, and he got all red and shy. i told him that sex was normal, and that there was nothing wrong with it. he told me that he thought i looked really pretty. i smiled. then he told me that he liked the stuff i wear, all the skimpy outfits and stuff. he told me, it made him happy. well, i didn’t know what to say. it was quite, then he invited me in for a drink, cuz it was super hot outside.

after i guzzled down some water, i sat besides him and unintentionaly placed my hand on his thigh. this gave him an almost instant hard on. i noticed the bulge in his shorts and asked him if he found me sexually attractive. he told me, of course. here’s where i thought i’d have a little fun.

i told him to relax, and that i would do something special for him. but that he couldn’t tell anybody and that he wasn’t going to get to fuck me. he asked, then what were we going to do. i got up in front of him and started to pull my cut off shirt over my head, revealing my naked chest.he instantly gasped. then i turned around and unbuttoned my shorts, and slid them down my legs with my panties, pulling them down to my ankles. my ass was directly in his face. now that i was completly naked, i turned around, sat in his lap, and placed my right leg over his shoulder, then i did the same with my left. i shifted, squirmed, bent, and rocked in his lap, all over his erect cock. after about 5 minutes of dancing in his lap, i got off and instantly dropped to my hands and knees.

nobody should no about this,i told him, and he merely shook his head up and down violently. i crawled over to him slowly, and unbuttoned his blue jean shorts, then pulled the zipper down with my teeth. i slid his shorts off, then wrapped my index fingers around the coil of his underwear, and yanked them off aswell. his cock stood erect and hard. oh my god, he yelled, but i said it was ok. i went on

his dick must have been around 8 inches, wich is good for a 15 year old. first, i kissed his head, then kissed his entire cock and sac. i placed each one of his balls in my mouth seperatly and slowly sucked them untill his dick was actually jumping, then i moved on up. i wrapped my lips around his head, and started to suck on it. then i moistened my lips, and slide his cock about 3/4’s in my mouth and started to suck on it. i let my tongue rool over his shaft and heard the sloshing sounds as my saliva swooshed against his cock. then he got up, and i knew what he wanted me to do.

at a party not long ago, i got drunk and was dared to suck on a bannanna. there i learned about deep throating and found out that i could deep throat a 6 1/2 inch bannanna, since then i’ve moved up to 8 1/2, so he was perfect. anyway, i let him place his hands on the back of my head and slowly push my head onto his cock. i felt his huge dick sliding to the back of my throat, then down it. at first i gagged, but soon i recovered. with the constant pressure of his hands, my chin solely rested on his nut sac, as i had his fully erect cock in my full mouth. then i started sucking on it furiously, with my head back like a sword swallower. he was moaning, so i continued to suck, harder, and faster. i was grabbing his hips the whole time, and was pulling his waist into my face, to keep his dick in my mouth. when he moaned louder, i knew he was going to cum, but i kept on sucking. i slid my head about halfway back, so half his cock was still in my mouth, when he exploded. all of a sudden, i tasted his salty, bitter juices flow into my mouth. i swallowed most of it, but he kept on cuming. all those years of waiting to orgasm rocketted in my mouth. most flowed down my throat, but some managed to drip out of my mouth and down my chin, all the way to my neck and down the valley of my breats. so, i finished him up, licking all the excess cum off him and kissing him all over the private area. he thanked me, over and over, and i said hey, that was kinda weird, and i think i got carried away. but never the less, i said i’d do it again for him whenever he wanted.

before i left, he took a picture of me with his camera. he said he wanted me to remember this, so i got on my knees and hands again and arched my back, giving him a good side snap shot. i still had the cumm on my chin, so i guess it turned out to be a good picture.

i started doing this alot for him, but stopped when he turned 17, because it stopped being cute. now he wanted more, but i wouldn’t let him. he was to young for that in my mind. ut in the mean time, he invited his other friend over one time and asked if i’d do it for both of them. i did also, and he was even better then brian. he had an unusual way of cuming. he sprayed a complete burst of cum for 4 seconds straight. in my whole life, he’s the only guy thats ever made me choke.

(if ya ever want to chat with me, e-mail me. ask for carmen, the blowjob queen, and mention this story. be sure to leave your e-mail address so i can get back to you.
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