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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: At School
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

a skul day comes to an end when i saw this girl… her big breasts attracted me so much. i was following her around w/out her knowing but then i saw her come in a female’s washroom. after thinking for a while, i thought that it didnt matter so, i followed her inside. lucky 4 me she was the only one there. i watched her piss and got myself very horny so i hid myself in one of the cubicles and masturbated. she heard something fall off. (i hit the toilet seat REAL hard). she went to check up on me. she saw me there masturbating (quite embarrasing). she told me that she knew that i was following her (even more embarrasing). but to my surprise she suddenly took off her clothes and fingered herself in front of me. damn i got so horny and went to her and held her breasts i kissed her so passionately and she kissed me back. i held her breasts REAL tight and she gave me signs that it started to hurt, so i let go and sucked on her hard nipples. her moaning made me even more horny i felt like my dick was killing me!so, i couldnt resist her. i (literally) ripped her clothes off but b4 i could even take the remaining of my pants off, she knelt down and sucked on my hard member. i came into her mouth but that wasnt enough 4 me so i took her by the waist and fucked her real HARD! she started moaning real hard and that got me into more ACTION. i pumped myself harder into her until i came. after this, she took my dick and licked the remaining cum off me. i felt bad for her bcoz i realized that she didnt come, so i grabbed her legs and started fingering her clit real fast and hard. she came just b4 i started to enjoy myself she shouted real loud. b4 i knew it the janitor rushed in to check on what happened, he saw us naked there inside the cubicle. its a good thing i had enough money to pay out the janitor. after this, we always set a time and date for our next “Experience” (damn that unlocked door, i lost my allowance for the month!)

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