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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: IN A PARKING LOT
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was walking across my town and I was wearing a miniskirt and a short singlet top. I used to cut them off so that they showed my tight young stomach. I was going home from my friend Jan’s place. I was feeling a bit horny as Jan and I had been down to the beach for the afternoon and Jan always sunbathes topless. She was wearing a white g string bikini bottom only and I had the task of putting suntan lotion on her bum to stop it burning. Part way through I asked where she got the bikini and she stood up wrapped her towel around herself and took it off tossed it to me and threw me a towel and said swap and if you like it keep it. I did and I still had the g string on as I walked down the road. I had never worn one before and it made feel so horny, I could feel my pussy getting wet from the rubbing of the thin strap against my arse. It felt so good.
I heard a car horn and some young guys yelled out “wanna ride, ha ha”. I had some way to go and I recognised them form school so I yelled ” Yeah where ya going”.
They stopped reversed and Scott said from the front seat “to the pool to pick up Jeff and then out to Gregs place, he’s having a party”. I could see the cans of beer on the floor ready so they were telling the truth. I said ” Great you’ll be going past my street”. I got in the front between Scott and Greg. Colin and Steve were in the back and Scott had gotten out first to let me in. We headed down the road and about 2 miles on I could feel Scotts body close to mine, it felt good and I pushed against him. I looked him in the eye and he must have guessed I felt a little hot because his arm brushed my leg and sat on my knee. I opened my legs a little and Scotts hand slipped between them. It looked like an accident but he did not move it. He moved his hand up my leg and to my pussy. He felt it and whispered in m,y ear “Lift your bum” I did and he deftly hooked his finger into the gstring and pulled it down. The guys in the back said ” hey whats going on” Greg driving saw but said ” aw nothing Scotty just pinched her bum cause she looked sleepy” I was grateful.
I wiggled the Gstring off and lit a smoke, opened my legs and moved my mini up. Scott played ith my aching hot wet pussy and Greg turned right unexpectedly into a Picnic spot. I was surprised and he said guys out of the car. They all got out and Scott and I were left there. Scott underesed me and himself and told me to turn and straddle him,I did and he sucked on my clit. I sucked his cock hard and licked his balls. He said”my arse” I fingered his arse and he did the same. I loved it while being sucked and licked. I heard a laugh and looked up and there were three guys standing there with their pants down playing with there cocks. Greg said “me next chickie”. I froze as I was enjoying myself but was a virgin and not ready for this sort of action. I said ” please no, I can’t” Greg said you have to or we”ll put you on the road naked ” I decided that this could be handle two ways so I said “OK but all at the same time”. The guys smiled and Colin said ” your kidding, right” I said “no, I have a tongue, a mouth, two hands and two holes. Take your pick and lets do it “

I got out of the car, they all got undressed and I lay on the grass. I spread my legs and they all got down and started kissing and touching. I closed my eyes and thought at leats this way they will be gentle. I had a cock presented at my mouth and my hand was placed on one. One entered me and I felt a great sharp pain as I broke and came at the same time. I had then two cocks at my mouth whilst one humped away. I twirled my finger round the one in my hand and he came all over me. I proceeded to suck one of the cocks hard and long and I felt the come burst out of the end like a dam bursting and it hit the back of my throat. It tasted awful and was stick and gross. The other one was pushed in and I said NO. I could not handle that again. I heard “lets do her proper” I was grabbed and my legs were held open, They guy go off me and I was suspended over one on the ground holding on to his cock. I was lowered and he penetrated me. My legs were held apart while another stuck his finger, moistened with spiot and come from me into my arse. It should have felt horrible but it did not. I said let go and stick it in. He stuck his cock in my arse and I felt so full and I could feel an orgasm building. I reached out and grabbed Scotts cock and pulld him to me and satrted sucking while these two guys were fucking my holes. As my holes relaxed I felt I could not control myself and I started to scream in delight. Scott pushed his cock in my mouth and my throat relaxed. I sucked hard as I came and he cried out as he came down my throat. It felt so good as I did not gag and the warm come and hard cock felt good now they did not splash my throat (This is a tip for all you ladies reading this. Let it flow don’t try and swallow. Its too fast. You can always keep it in your mouth and spit it out after.) As i came I bucked wildy and the guy in my arse came and then the other guy did in my pussy.Every one of my holes was filled with come. We rolled on the grass. I had a drink and cleaned myself. The guys were all lying on the grass. Colin had not had a go and he was hard as a rock. I said I have to be fair. I knelt and took his cock in my mouth. I poured beer over it and sucked it. I fingered his arse hard and inserted four fingers while he spread his legs. He must have iked it casue he came gallons of come.
I was still feeling horny so I said “I want all of you to give me an orgasm, the one in the shortest time gets to fuck again” I lay down and they all took turns. Greg was the best – six minutes and I had two in a row. I decided to not allow the catch and told them my turn. I got them to stand in a square. I knelt and I sucked each one off one by one while the others played with themselves and my arse and cunt and rubbed themselves on me. Greg said to Scott, “I have had enough lets go”. Scott grabbed me and kissed me long and hard ans said could he call me. I said yes. I got dressed and kissed them all and Steve said to everyone “this is not to be told to anyone, Kristy needs your promise” they all agreed. I married Steve. His friends come over from time to time and we get down to it again. Email me at pleaseplease

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