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Kristin’s Babysitter Delight/Big Mistake

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had been babysitting for a couple since I was 11 and Brad the husband had always been friendly with me. Brad was in his late twenties, very handsome and sexy. He would always touch me in some way when he would take me home, maybe a tap on the leg, a punch on the arm or something like that. When he would do this it always made me feel great that he showed me attention. One evening just after my 13th birthday Brad was taking me home when he took a turn that was not the usual way home. I ask him where we were going and he said he wanted to talk to me so we were going somewhere and talk. We drove to the parking garage where Brad worked and went to an upper floor and parked. We started talking and Brad told me that he had become very attracted to me which excited me. He put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. Then he turned my head and kissed me on the mouth. We started making out and before long I was ready for anything he wanted to do to me. He took my blouse and bra off leaving me totally naked above the waist and was kissing and sucking on my boobs. He reached down and took my shoes off and layed me down in the seat and pulled my panties off. There I was with nothing but my skirt on. He took his penis out and then started rubbing my clit which soon worked me into an unbeleivable climax. When he knew I had gotten horny he got between my legs and slowly started in me. There was some pain but the thrill far outweighted the hurt. We made love for what seemed forever before Brad finally told me he was going to cum. When I felt him cumming the sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced. He told me that I had been everthing he had expected which made me feel special. After Brad had completed cumming in me he pulled out and everything inside me ran out on the car seat. We cleaned and cleaned to make sure all of it was off so his wife didn’t know what we had done. About a month later I realized that I was a few days late and I called Brad to tell him. He told me not to say anything to anybody until we could get me tested. We waited a couple more weeks then he took me to a doctor he knew for a pregnancy test. To no surprise for either of us it was positive. I knew then that I had made a big mistake and there was no way I could have his baby because of the age difference and the circumstances. Brad made arrangements with his doctor friend and I had an abortion which I regret to this day.

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